Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What I Do For LOVE

Today I had to go back to my day job. For the kick off, they told us to dress in 50’s “threads”. Well, I am a brown noser from way back!! Since I am experienced (getting old!), I understand if the BOSS wants something, you do it. It makes life SO much easier. To be honest, I like stuff like this, so I am cool with it! When I saw the call to dress 50’s my first thought was “I HATE the 50’s!” I just don’t relate. Now, if they wanted to do a hippie day, I could be right there!!! LOL LOL Oh well, I put my opinions aside and jumped in with both feet. I put this get up together and I actually liked it! It was a fun day. Also, the icing on the cake was I won the prize for the best outfit. So, I guess it was all worth it!! I do this not because I LOVE this job (but I like it a lot). I do this because I LOVE my art and this job pays for that affection!!!!

ME in my 50’s get up
Hey! This is what makes life FUN!!!

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Anonymous said...

You look great in red!