Saturday, September 29, 2007

“Signs” from above

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I just think this is so funny! My last post spoke of thinking POSITIVE. I refuse to think any other way! Then, I went almost a week not posting because I have been having a hard time thinking of positive things to say! To me, that is hysterical! LOL LOL LOL LOL
Today, things are looking up. I have been thinking a lot about my next move. Just for fun, I divided my life into two parts. I figure I am beginning Chapter Three right now. I am projecting the next 27 years. What do I want to do? What do I want to accomplish? How should I proceed? I decided this week I needed to DO SOMETHING! Take one step to move forward. I registered for Entrepreneur classes that are offered by the city. These classes explain how to start a small business, explain business start up procedures, and how to succeed. I figured this would be a great thing. I actually like the fact these are generic classes. They are not art related. I think learning about the business practices related to the masses might be a great thing. I have taken art-marketing workshops. However, those are so customer/art market specific. I want to see a bigger picture. Also, it is a win-win situation for me. I figure what I learn in these classes will help me replace my day job, as well as help me market my art. Sounds good to me!
I want to work for myself.
I think my money business might not be art related. I am thinking of a service company. The reason I have been thinking “ART” will NOT be my focus is because it takes too much time and money to create my art, thus it is too difficult to make a REASONABLE profit. This has proven to be a difficult task. I don't have a husband or inheritance to act as a support. It is all about me. Therefore, I am going to start a service company. A clear, concise business description is yet to come. I will figure that out in coming weeks.
So keeping in this spirit, I have been sitting in my living room reading a year’s worth of Entrepreneur magazines this morning. I read all about million dollar start up companies, selling online, tax dos and don’ts, etc. I skipped articles about companies selling products. I just don’t want to do that. I told myself: Look for articles about service companies Sheree! YES!!
THEN, I saw my mail carrier pull up to drop off my mail. As she walked up to my front door, I saw she was holding my Suzi Orman MONEY books from She knocked on my door. I opened it and we began to chitchat. Then she asked me…..
“Are you ever going to have a sale or something like that?” I said “What”?? She responded: “Everyday, I come here and wish I had some of your stuff. I look at your door and your mailbox and I want it all”. I just stood there looking at her as if she was an angel from heaven. I think it was so ironic she said this RIGHT NOW. Still in a state of mental fury and numbness, I thanked her, joked a bit, and then closed the door. I thought people want this stuff I make. This is not a new concept to me. I have a work colleague who has repeatedly asked me as she walks through my little Florida bungalow, “Why do you keep working at our job, when you can do all this?” I keep asking myself the same thing, but I haven’t had the courage to make a move. I just have to figure out how I can make stuff faster and cheaper.
I can say with confidence, today is a great day because I realize I am moving FORWARD!

She said, “I just want something you made. I love your mailbox. I love the way you use colors. I want something like the things you make.”
She has me thinking now.


self taught artist said...

These works would sell on etsy I bet you anything.
thats so cool about the postwoman stopping by and saying all that. talk about confirmation and signs!

Sheree Rensel said...

I know, I know. I have a whole house full of stuff I could sell online. I just have to get it together and figure out how I can sell it at a price I can make a real profit. I see some of the stuff sold on Etsy for pennies. I know for sure some of these artists aren't making enough profit to buy lunch at McDonalds! If I do sell my stuff, I want to be able survive. If I am only making chump change, I would rather keep the stuff for myself. I gotta figure out a way to make this stuff profitable.

self taught artist said...

I think you could get away with charging what you want on etsy, I wasn't suggesting you sell it for nothing there (hope you didn't take it that way)
I have confidence you will figure it out or be attracted to the right thing soon. You aren't a quitter by a long shot.
good back to my own marketing :)