Monday, September 3, 2007

One thing I really WANT!

In an effort to pinpoint the direction of my future, I have been collecting moments of joy. I am paying attention to the things that really make me happy and inspired.
As I flipped through the channels yesterday, I came across a women’s marathon being held in Japan. I am not a sports fan, but I continued to watch because it was the last few minutes of the race. A runner from Kenya was in the lead followed by a Chinese runner. Just a little farther back in third place was Reiko Tosa running for Japan. She caught my eye immediately. Unlike the two front-runners who were obviously exhausted, but still running erect and with accurate rhythm, Tosa struggled. Her face was contorted and her arms were flailing. I was mesmerized as I watched her painfully put one foot in front of the other. Even though the end of the race was near, the suspense of whether she would make it to the finish line was palpable. To make matters tenser, this was the only chance Japan (the host country) would have to win any medal. The crowd cheered Reiko Tosa with each difficult step. As I watched the spectacle of Reiko’s erratic albeit progressive gait, I found myself routing her on by yelling at the TV. As she entered the stadium for the last lap, tears ran down my face involuntarily. She was going to make it! As I saw her round the last corner, I realized THAT IS WHAT I WANT! No, I don’t want to win marathons. I want that kind of determination. I want to be able to keep going even though I am wobbling and grimacing in pain. I want that kind of verve and fight. I want to feel that much power of will and for it to be so obvious you can see it in my face. I want to hear the voices in my head (even if it is my own voice only) routing me on to victory. Thank you Reiko Tosa. You deserve every ounce of that Bronze medal! You are an inspiration!

Tosa takes marathon bronze, gives Japan first medal

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