Friday, September 14, 2007


My only “hobby” is going to rock concerts. After raising my daughter, I figured it was now time to do what I want to do. I started buying EXPENSIVE tickets to concerts. Needless to say, prices have changed since seeing Black Sabbath when I was a teenager. I paid 5 bucks to see Ozzy back in the day and that ticket price included seeing twelve hours of rock bands at the Michigan State Fairgrounds.
These days, Dave Matthews is my absolute favorite…(Well, U2 is really my favorite concert experience, but I really love seeing DMB for the sights and SOUNDS.) Dave Matthews was playing at the Ford Amphitheater on Wednesday. I got a hotel room so I wouldn’t have to drive home that night. I took a few days off work so I could make a mini vacation out of this week. It worked out perfectly because my birthday is tomorrow.
The day of the concert, I was off and running. I took my pup to the kennel and headed over to Tampa. Got all checked in at the hotel and headed over to the concert venue. After parking my car, I passed all the college aged kids tailgating, hootin and hollerin under the balmy setting sun. I headed toward the theater entrance taking mental notes of all the visual images. (No cameras allowed)
After guzzling a couple of beers and eating my cold hot dog, I flit from one vendor stand to another. I love going places alone. I can do whatever I want, when I want. I heard the front band starting and ran to my seat. I was so close to the stage. It was just plain cool.
THEN, midway through this reggae set the black clouds moved in. There was amazing lightning (Tampa comes from the Indian name "Tanpa", which meant "sticks of fire"). Then it started to rain. No. To say it more accurately, it started to POUR. I wasn’t worried about the first sprinkles. I was under the huge theater awning. However, the wind picked up big time and the rain came sideways. Everybody started screaming because the rain was so hard it hurt when it hit you. We were all huddled together in the middle aisle. We got wetter and wetter and wetter. I was cold and shivering. The first band finished playing despite the deluge. When they were done, I bolted to the restroom. The entire restroom was filled with wet, dirty (lawn seats) people, women and MEN! I went to the full-length mirror and just laughed. I looked like Alice Cooper after jumping into a swimming pool! It was funny because a young girl scooted up next to me and said, “Oh my god, I look like Courtney Love!!” (Alice Cooper/Courtney Love different generations, same analogy!) LOL LOL I had mascara dripping down my cheeks. I was soaked to the bone. Watching the little twenty something lovelies trying to piece together their look, I was so glad I didn’t have to impress anybody. I just wanted to get warm, so I ran between the last few raindrops, pushed my way to the front of the DMB t-shirt stand. I said, “I want anything DRY and WARM!” The guy shoved an ugly long sleeved t-shirt at me. It was an extra large and I loved it because it fit me like a huge tent. I could live in that thing! I ran back to the john and changed shirts. Just then, I heard the crowd roar. I sprinted back to my seat and DMB started to play. Beer in hand, Lights flashing, walls of video playing, DAVE on the guitar, the heavenly whine of the BOYD’s electric violin…PURE BLISS
This post has a lot to do with ART. I will speak on that issue tomorrow.

I could listen and watch DMB forever!
That would be my heaven.
If there was a guarantee that in heaven I could be in a front row seat at a DMB concert for eternity, I would go pray now!!

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