Saturday, October 20, 2007

Art Business Card

I believe in "presentation". In fact, I have employed methods of unique presentation a number of times to get jobs. I have always gotten those jobs or at least some important notice. While playing with my new computer last night, I found this YouTube video called "Art Business Card". Ironically during my current art marketing reeducation, I had just read something about making your art business card CREATIVE. This video shows a technique that is so simple, yet I was smiling at the end of the film. I love this idea!
Very cool "artorbust"!

CREDIT: "artorbust"
sheet series # 3


Martha Marshall said...

Damn! Wish I'd thought of that! That is so cool.

Sheree Rensel said...

Yes, isn't that cute! The irony of this is I make little books with my students just like this. I just never thought of doing it as a promotion. Who cares if you didn't think of this. USE IT!!!