Sunday, October 7, 2007


I start my entrepreneur classes this week. If you read this blog you know I have been thinking a lot about really diving into the “business” aspects of my art. I want to get SERIOUS! I want to learn about all the things art school never taught me. Until now, I didn’t mind my ignorance in this area of life. Exhibiting my art was the priority. I left the sales up to gallerists. However now, I want to know about business plans, taxes, legal beagle stuff, and all the other general business things I need to know. (In fact, there are things I can’t mention because I don’t know what I don’t know!)
Since this is the hot topic in my mind right now, I have been taking “notes”. I am learning from others. Of course as I go from website to website and blog to blog, I am jotting down things I like and things that are MISTAKES. I am keeping a list of things NOT to do. For example, I was watching an art DVD that comes quarterly and features various artists. I liked one of the artists on the current issue. I wanted to look up her work online. I used the blog URL listed on the DVD. It worked but I found the artist had nothing for sale online. Her store was empty. She didn’t have an artist website. I thought, what a missed opportunity! She has this great promotional video feature and she has nothing to sell. That is a true shame and bad planning.
Another one of my “notes” deals with artist websites that are just too complicated. I hate the websites that have the scrolling thumbnails. When you click on the thumb, you get that stupid LOADING LOADING LOADING spiral. I hate that. If I wanted to buy their art, I would be long gone before I could get through half their website. I know my website has too much stuff on it, but at least I have it divided into categories easy to access.
Another snafu is having a blog and then not mentioning where you can see the work or shows you mention. I had that happen today. I got a Google alert about a particular blog promoting a show. I went to the blog entry and the blogger goes on and on about the show. She never mentioned a gallery website or a link to it. I googled the gallery and found the website. Most buyers will not go to that trouble.
Many times during her show, Oprah has said, "Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity." She claims she doesn’t believe in just plain luck. Well, I don’t totally agree with her interpretation. Yes, being prepared to meet opportunity is the key to success. However, you have to have LUCK for those opportunities to come your way! So this year, my goal is to get more prepared to meet opportunities. Also, I am going to drum up some LUCK!

Knock Knock anybody home? Is that OPPORTUNITY knocking? LOL

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