Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Universal BOP in the head!

Gosh. The last 48 hours has been a huge, fast, hard, universal bop in the head for me. In fact, if I distilled the conclusion of my thoughts about the week so far it would have to be the memory of my mother saying something like “Stop crying or I will give you something to cry about!” In other words, there are times when any bitching I want to express is truly menial. There will always be someone else who has something to really BITCH about and with good reason!! During these times, I get a wake up call. I am not all that different from zillions of other people. We all take things for granted. We all do things that are stupid and not in our best interest. We all complain about silly things. We just keep doing whatever and figure things will be just ducky. Life goes on or does it?
Well, this week started with a Sunday newspaper story about one of my former colleagues who died this past March of breast cancer. In 1999, she became engaged and two weeks later was diagnosed. She was treated and got better, got married, and had a child. Then in 2005, “it” came back. She had planned on being a chairperson for a local charity run this year. She didn’t make it. The newspaper told her story and how her husband and son stood up for her at the charity event that day. Her husband spoke of how cancer stole her beloved job, her life, and stole his son’s mother. This is just too sad.
That same day, I heard the news of another colleague who was killed in a tragic car accident this weekend. She was only 26 years old. It hurts me to type all this.
Feeling very moody and on edge, I settled down for an evening of TV last night. Flipping through the channels, I came across a documentary titled “Crazy Sexy Cancer”. I didn’t immediately sit up to watch. Due to the news of my day, I didn’t want to think about death anymore. However, I watched a few minutes and I was pulled into the story. The documentary was about Kris Carr. She is young, WONDERFUL, WISE, and an UNBELIEVABLE spirit of a woman. In 2003, she was a working actress in Manhattan. She learned she had a rare cancer that expressed itself in the form of 24 tumors in her liver and lungs. The video tells her story after the diagnosis. She tells her thoughts and dreams. She cries, she laughs, and she triumphs during the film. All I can say is WOW!!! I feel so small and insignificant. She is the REAL DEAL. I aspire to be as deeply intelligent as Kris. I was glued to the TV for the duration of this video work. Her story is amazing! You can check out her CURRENT thoughts via the Kris Carr Blog. If you get a chance to see her video “Crazy Sexy Cancer”, don’t hesitate. WATCH IT!!
Seeing her documentary has been life changing for me. I want to shake myself. We all have to be thankful for every day. I learned that each day is so precious. I always knew this. However, Kris Carr just gave me a kick in the ass!
Thank you Kris!! Maybe some day I will be able to be as cool as you are!

I agree with you!
You are an amazing, beautiful woman.



cancer cowgirl xo said...

You are the real deal, just as cool and fabulous. Thank you for your grace and I am glad I helped ya with a little ole kick in the tail. We all need them weekly, me included.

Big love,
Kris Carr

Sheree Rensel said...

Read this with the tone and attitude of one of my lost street girls I teach every day!
I truly can't believe you responded to my post!
I have NEVER been a person interested in celebrity. I have had friends who have collected autographs of artists. I thought that was absurd. I have always felt we are ALL people on an equal playing field. If anyone has been deemed a "celebrity", it is due to LUCK. However, there are bunches of others who for whatever reason become notorious and get the attention. In your case, it is a bit ironic, but so deserved.
The ONLY time I have ever had a celebrity moment was when I was crossing the street in Manhattan in the early 80's. Andy Warhol stopped to talk to me. I just stood there. I couldn't speak. I was shocked and ashamed because I knew in my heart; he is just another human being. I told myself, "TALK SHEREE!!!" I couldn't.
This is the second time I have felt this way. Really Kris. I am in awe of you. You are so unbelievable; you cause me to be speechless. I can't believe you wrote to me.
Thank you. I am humbled.