Saturday, October 27, 2007

What a day!!

I am getting frustrated. I am behind in my art progress. Life happens and for the past month or so, I have allowed all kinds of life events to get in the way of MAKING art. I had planned all week to make art this weekend. Then I found out this man at work was looking for a used computer.
“Desmond” is the sweetest man. He is the custodian who cleans my art studio at school. He never complains even when we use the potter’s wheel for weeks on end. He isn’t technology savvy. He just wants to try it out. At first he said he was trying to “put something together” and wondered if I had a monitor for him. WELL…………………… Big Bertha my elderly Compaq has been sitting on my computer room floor waiting for me to dispose of all her parts. The only reason she had a “heart attack” was because I had so much software on her and was trying to get on websites she had no desire to go to at all. Desmond told me he didn’t even want to go on the internet. He said he just wanted to copy music. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… I told him to come over to my house on Sunday and I would “hook him up!”
I dragged Bertha out to my studio. I spent the whole day, piecing Bertha back together. I erased her hard drive and restored the original software vintage 1998! I had installed a new DVD player/recorder about a year ago. I loaded that software too. I burned a test CD just to make sure it was working properly. I got the scanner and printer working just fine too. This will be a perfect “starter” computer for him. Even though it took a while to do this, I don’t mind. He is such a great man. However, I didn’t have time to paint. Boo hoo!
While I was out in my studio, I kept looking over my shoulder at my Misbehaviorists waiting for wire. I couldn’t help but think of the saying “All dressed up and no place to go!” This is another thing that is being delayed. I have to get some of this stuff OUT. That takes time I am struggling to find.

This is like the start of a family of children I never wanted, but I am learning to love!

Meanwhile, I have stacks and piles of more work waiting to be finished.

At least, I did a good thing. Desmond deserves this!


Deborah said...

Sheree....great post! The artist's lament which is a continuing saga for most of us...why do I do blah instead of my artwork?

That is so cool that you did that for Desmond. What a sweet friend you are! I hope he enjoys it!!!

Sheree Rensel said...

Oh!! I know for sure other artists can relate. We are all just too busy. It is like the saying "We make plans and God laughs!" I am accustomed to these shifting tides. I just go with the flow. However, it is very hard when you have some THING to do and are looking over your shoulder at your studio door.
I hope Des likes his computer. He seemed to be overwhelmed when he came to pick it up. I just hope he sits and plays with it, so he can learn about all this technology stuff. As we all know, there are people who LOVE it and then there are people who get too frustrated. I hope he has the patience to take it all in and learn.
We will see!!
Thanks for writing!!