Saturday, November 24, 2007


Oh geesh!! I am going to need a vacation after this vacation! It has been a whirlwind week. I have gotten a lot of ART stuff done. However, I have found the holiday festivities coupled with this mode of creative overdrive has been exhausting. I wanted to get into the studio early this morning. Last night's holiday party with friends nixed that idea. I woke up and thought “I was having a lot more fun at that party than I am right now!” My dog gave me a nudge to get up, but my body was not too happy about this need to move. I have been dragging all day.
One thing I just have to do this weekend is get caught up on my soft sculptures from my “ONLINE: Lost Souls, Lonely Hearts” series. I have never shown them to anybody. I just make them. I would like to exhibit them together some day. I am not sure how many I have done because as soon as I finish them, I put them away in a box. It is fun to look through them occasionally. I decided not to start any new ones until I get the ones pictured below done!
Another thing I accomplished this week was getting more YouTube videos up. I am finding I have to be careful though. YouTube can be addicting!

Here are some of my “Lost Souls” waiting for their “toe tags” to be attached. Gotta get it done!

This was the YouTube video I uploaded yesterday.
YouTube is a blast, but it is just another thing that
takes time away from all the things that need to get done.
But it is so much FUN!!
If there is a blank box here,
it is because YouTube is down.
Shockingly YES! It happens!

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