Thursday, November 8, 2007


This has been a wonderful day. Gee, it is like I have been hit by multiple meteorites! I am just sitting here thinking. I knew all this would start to happen. I knew it. However when we get involved in the day to day humdrum, we forget to believe.
I can't tell of the specifics. Everything is still in the planning stages. However, I just have to say LIFE IS GOOD. I have posted many times questioning the art THING. I have tried so hard to be patient. I know I am doing the RIGHT thing. I know my intent is sincere. I know if I just kept holding on things would happen. Well.......................things do happen. You just have to believe and keep doing what you do best. I am doing that. I truly believe it will pay off. I am not going to predict the magnitude of the payoff. In fact, I am already pleased that my art has done as well as it has. I cannot complain because I have had more perks and opportunities from my art than some artists experience in their lifetime. I am just happy to be identified as a hard working artist. That is all that matters to me.
I intentionally decided to use this digital print of my daughter and I to illustrate this post. She was so young at that time (me too!). However, the emphasis of this pic was to teach her that life is a buffet. I wanted her to learn that you pick and choose. Then, you are responsible to create your own satisfaction. I think she has gotten that philosophy. I am just starting to get into that drift. Hey!! At least I keep trying!!!

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