Friday, November 30, 2007

People to see, Places to go

There is such a plethora of art venues online right now. My head wobbles due to the variety. There is…………………
Café Express
Proud Artists
Ebay, of course.
Oh the list could go on and on. Most of these sites sell art marketables. Crafts, wearable art, or design oriented paintings/sculptures/mixed media work. I have investigated these sites due to my interest in the “self supporting” opportunities for artists. I wish I could give a great, optimistic report of my findings. I can’t.
Yes, people sell their creative wares on these sites. However, the compensation is not impressive. As an artist, I know what it costs to make a piece of art. I know about materials costs and time spent making the work. I cannot understand why some artists will sell a piece for under $50. That hardly pays for materials and that is for a TINY piece. Maybe it is feasible if you can crank out great drawings or paintings on the hour. If you can do this, good for you! I am trying in a questionably enthusiastic manner to create some stuff to SELL. I can’t get my prices low enough to satisfy the masses. I guess some artists want sales so MUCH they will sell for cost. I won’t do that. I would rather keep the work for my own pleasure and/or a reminder of my accomplishments. That is probably why I have a “day job”. I just can’t see giving my work away for peanuts. Those who question the price of art, I ask, “How much do you make an hour?” “How much is your paycheck this week?” It is really time for people to see and understand what it takes to make art. It can take so many hours to finish a painting. Most people don’t understand this time investment.
Yes, art is a luxury. However, it is something that is human made. That is such a rarity these days. That alone should make it worth the price.
Despite my skepticism and uneasy feelings about selling ART, I have been trying to make stuff that relates to my art, but is more economically feasible. I have started work on my “WIZZLE WORKZ” webpage. This is for stuff that is a bit less austere, more fun, and marketable. Yeah, I guess that is the ticket!

This “Wizzle Workz” page is just the beginning.
I am trying to find ways to make stuff to sell.
At least, I am TRYING!
Click to go to WIZZLE WORKZ!

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