Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stupid but LOVELY

I am a painter. I went to school a long time to have the credentials to be a painter and get that M.F.A. stamp of approval to be a REAL artist. LOL
Despite all my years of educational experiences, I never took a ceramics class. Clay is not my thing. However when I got hired to work at my current "day job", I realized I had to learn about ceramics like it or not. I taught myself how to work the clay and how to fire a kiln. I even dabbled in making pinch pots and various other ceramic monstrosities. Believe me, I am NOT a ceramic artist. In fact, if a ceramic artist looked at my work, they would ask "So which 3rd grader made this?" "Second grader??"
The odd and wonderful thing about this is that I am just like a third grader when it comes to making stuff out of clay. My work is crude and basic. Truthfully, my work is an example of a child's amateurish attempt to be a ceramicist. I don't care though. This is just for FUN. I have no agenda. I am not going to upload pics of my ceramic work online or on my website. This is just plain entertainment. Also, I like the primitive, funky look of the stuff I make in clay. I use my pieces to silly up my house.
I had made a lame looking bowl for my kitchen last year. I had a jar behind it to hold some pens. A few weeks ago, I thought I should make a little vase similar to the bowl for my kitchen to replace the "pen jar". I did that this week. I glazed it. It came out of the kiln today.
Believe me, I was seven years old when I opened the kiln this morning. I saw my little, pitiful vase and thought it was a masterpiece. I brought it home and put it next to my bowl. BEAUTIFUL!!
Hey, this is why we are alive. To see something that you create and promotes pride represents the reason for living. I don't care if it is stupid. It is LOVELY!! Also, EVERYTHING an artist makes does not have to be part of their portfolio!!

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