Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Ten and a half years ago, my daughter wanted a dog. Actually, she wanted a cat, but her allergies and my resistance to living with a cat caused us to settle on getting a puppy. I found Gizmo. He was a mess when I bought him. He was a mean little devil and not as “pure” as the pet store claimed. He is a Yorkie. When I got the paperwork to fill out for AKC, I laughed. He was such a wreck; there would be no point in spending the money on papers. However, I thought about all the fancy dog shows and the dogs that have million dollar names. I decided the reason Gizmo was such a terror was because he lacked self esteem. Therefore, I deemed him
Now he has class and pizazz!

The name wizzlewolf came to me because it is silly (wizzle) and fierce (wolf). What a great combination! The next day, I stole the name and became wizzlewolf (the second). I have been using that name for ten years now. Gizmo doesn’t mind. He is my true buddy. My daughter has grown up and left. Gizmo is still here being my helper around the house and studio. He is my true friend. I love him more than I could have ever imagined. He has turned out to be a sweet, loyal, smart doggie. He loves me unconditionally. What more could anybody want?

Here is a shot by shot demo of Gizmo doing his “Ballerina” routine.
Even though I put him though such humiliation, he still loves me.
I am REALLY thankful for my Gizmo the wonder dog!

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