Sunday, November 18, 2007


This week I got an email from an old friend. Actually, he was one of my first professors when I started college. As I look back on my university experiences, I can say he was one of my best teachers and greatly influenced my life as an artist. His name is Jim Pallas.

As our emails zoomed back and forth this week, I realized how this friendship has endured for so many years. This made me realize how I have been so blessed to have so many friends during my lifetime. I have always thought of myself as being “anti-social”. Yet, I can sit here and think of bunches of people who are my friends: Richard, Dayna, Todd, Debbie, Janet, Martha, Karen, Ron, the list goes on and on. We all have acquaintances, but I consider a friend someone to whom I could tell my secrets.
My all time BEST friend is artist Gilda Snowden.

Here we are wide eyed and bushy tailed just after grad school. We are sitting in Gilda’s classroom at Center for Creative Studies (CCS). (The art in this picture belongs to neither of us. It belongs to her students. LOL LOL)
Our relationship has endured marriages, babies, art success, art rejections, and all kinds of life in between. Yes, I have been blessed and very lucky to have so many wonderful people drift in and out of my life. However, the greatest blessings are those people who have been with me for the long haul.
Love you Gilda!

Gilda and I cuddle with artist John Lees back in 1978
That was 30 years ago!
Time flies when you are having fun!!!


gilda said...

God, Sheree, were we really that YOUNG!!??!

And to think I thought I was impossibly fat back then.....

Didnt we have fun!
Didnt we have great experiences!

And think, Sheree, we have SURVIVED to reminisce, and we ARE NOT DONE YET!

That's the best part of all of this

Sheree Rensel said...

You bettcha Gild!
We are like rare wine, we have gotten better with age. Also, my face looks like an old shriveled grape now!! LOL LOL LOL
Oh well, I would rather be wise than "cute and naive".