Saturday, November 10, 2007

A VIRGIN NO MORE! least I am not a You Tube virgin anymore! I FINALLY finished and uploaded my first You Tube video. It took me 12 hours to do this two minute video. It isn't even 2 minutes long. It is 1:52 to be exact. I love doing these kinds of projects and the only thing that prevented me from playing and creating with technology is because I didn't have the STUFF. See, my old computer crashing is turning out to be a good thing!
This video is basically an art commercial. It shows my "Misbehaviorists" series. Even though my body feels like a stale pretzel from sitting at the computer all day, it was worth it. I can't wait to do another one!
Here is my "Misbehaviorists Movie"!


gilda said...

Bravo! A wonderful film! I watched it 4 times straight!

Sheree Rensel said...

Gilda, Gilda, Gilda!!! THANK YOU!! I am so excited over this little video! When I woke up this morning, the first thought I had was "I am going to go watch my video!" The second thought I had was "What should I make my next video about?"! It took me so long to do it! Although, it will be easier if I use real video instead of using still frames. The only video parts of this one is the audio sound. This is so fun. I am SO GLAD I got a new computer and finally put the money toward broadband. I feel like an uncaged bird now.
Keep watching. Hopefully, they will get better!

self taught artist said...

you have done a FANTASTIC job, and not just because it is a first video for you.
pat on the back and hope for much success on art/videos/life.

Sheree Rensel said...

Thanx Paula!!! Glad you like it. I am already working on another idea.