Sunday, December 23, 2007

Artist of Note

When I started to watch YouTube videos regularly a month or so ago, the first thing I did was do zillions of searches using words like fine artist, artist studios, artist vlog, etc. As I found anything interesting, I would subscribe to the artist’s channel. Over a period of weeks, I would revisit those channels to view their recent video offerings. Slowly, my subscription list dwindled. I would unsubscribe from many. The reasons I would become disinterested are multifaceted. Some artists seemed too silly. Some were making videos more about creating YouTube popularity than art. Some of the videos (and art) was just boring. Some art work was just of an ilk that didn’t grab my soul.
Last night, I started doing a new round of searches. I came across the work of Nancy Worthington.
Her work has substance. She is a thinking artist. I like that. Much of her work is social commentary. I found it particularly interesting when she mentions her “George Dubya” series (which can be viewed at her website) has been shown around the world. Yet, it has not been shown in the U.S. without being censored. This doesn’t surprise me and that fact alone stands as a grand social comment.
She is an artist worth noticing

Here is her YouTube video,
“Conspiracy of Silence”
– Nancy Worthington

An interview film by Dan Villava

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