Tuesday, December 25, 2007

WISH Granted!

This happens to me so much lately, I wonder why I am surprised each time it occurs. Yesterday, I wrote a simple but sincere letter to SANTA. Something has been bothering me lately. I don’t want to get into the details because it is boring. However thoughts of this self created drama is affecting my art life. It is stupid in many ways. Yet, I need to address it because it is debilitating.
So I asked Santa for a jar of contentment. It was a tongue-in-cheek request. I was thinking about what I really want right now. The idea of peace of mind fit the bill. A few hours after writing the post, I “met” someone online. I am not going to tell you in detail about her. I am still so shocked and mesmerized; I want to keep this to myself. I can tell you she is a triple threat artist. She does multimedia work. She is so unbelievably awesome; I can’t understand why I have never heard of her before this. Regardless, I have found her now. I have been reading all about her. I have been amazed with every line of her resume. I have looked at her multimedia art projects with heart-felt and intense thought. She blows me away. I emailed her, she responded. I felt like I wanted to bow to the computer screen. I am not worthy, I thought. WAIT!!! Oh yes I am!! In fact, what I learned while reading into the wee hours of the night is that I am not alone. I am not so weird. I am part of a human community that is out there albeit eclectic and not of the popular media ilk. She isn’t either. So I will run with that truth. Popularity is NOT my goal. Unique, sincere, concrete, soul searching, emotional authenticity is. I want my art to express those same attributes.
So I want to thank Santa for pointing the way. I have no idea how I found this new mentor. It was a circuitous path indeed. All I know is I am HAPPY for the discovery!

Acrylic/Gallery Wrap Canvas
8” X 8”
What a deal!!
Click to Enlarge and see detail views

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