Thursday, December 27, 2007

You gotta WANT it

Still head trippin. This is nothing new. Shoot!! If thinking burned calories, I would have a skeletal figure! I have had the past six days off from my day job which gives me too much time to realize my own reality. I am in a blue funk. Like many, I am taking a tally of the year’s events and I don’t feel as successful as I want to feel. As far as art sales, I can’t GIVE my stuff away! Ironically, my horoscope yesterday told about the ebb and flow of life. I KNOW this. I have been successful, shown my art in more places than I will ever visit, and sold enough work for me to be clueless as who has it all. I guess I don’t like the “ebb” part of life. The FLOW suits me better.
There is a personal responsibility issue here. I have to be honest. I recently joined a fitness group to get my head wrapped around taking better care of myself. There are people in the group who want to improve their health, but sit around and bitch about how it isn’t working for them. Between each moan, they are chewing on a candy bar or sitting on their butts only moving their mouth. I keep thinking “They have to really WANT it if they desire change!”
Bingo!! Yeppers!! Who are you to talk??? I can switch this observation to fit my own art life dilemma.
I started asking myself “Do you really WANT art success?” I give good lip service, but am I doing what it takes? No. Not really. I have worked on a lot of art this year. In fact, I get into these manic fervors to the point of exhaustion. Then I get depressed when I put it out there and nothing happens. I get impatient. Another example is preparing for exhibitions. I have had a number of opportunities to show work this year and I let the deadlines pass by. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………..
A month or so ago, Art Calendar magazine contacted me. They wanted to use one of my pieces to be included as an illustration for an article.
"Coaching the Artists Within
Relationship Skills: Presenting Yourself"
By Eric Maisel, Ph.D.
What kind of artist do you want to be?

This article is included in the January issue. When I saw the name of the article, I thought how funny that is! Yeah, what kind of artist DO you want to be Sheree? I subscribe to this magazine. When this issue arrived I didn’t open it before I put the rest of the mail down. In fact, it is sitting on my coffee table unread. I didn’t even open it to look at the article. This psycho drama behavior is why I am reflecting. I have no idea why I am doing this. That doesn’t surprise me though. I have always been one of strange ways. This too shall pass.
So DO I WANT it? I thought I did.

Click to go to Art Calendar website
If you don’t subscribe already, you should!


kim@laketrees said...

Gorgeous art works Sheree !!!
I love the colours....
congratulations on your Art Magazine feature ...
regards Kim

Sheree Rensel said...

Kim, I cannot thank you enough for commenting! I was going to write a new blog post yesterday and was reluctant because it seems nobody was reading my blog anyway!! LOL LOL I appreciate your kind words! Thanks for reading my blog! :-)

CMC said...

Fantastic, Sheree. I take Art Calendar and hadn't gotten around to reading all of it this month yet. Wow....I know someone through a blog being cool!

Sheree Rensel said...

Thanks!! I still haven't read (or opened) my issue either. Maybe I will get around to it someday. LOL LOL LOL
Thanks for commenting!! :-)

Marc said...

Congrats on your recent feature story. And thanks for the heads-up on a wonderful magazine.



Sheree Rensel said...

Marc, It wasn't a feature story. The magazine just used one of my paintings to illustrate an article by one of their contributing writers. You really should look into getting a subscription. It is well worth the price! Thanks for commenting!! :-)