Sunday, January 20, 2008

God Laughs!

After writing my post yesterday, I went back to work on my painting. As I momentarily glanced around surveying various works in progress, I rummaged through piles and piles of paint tubes. I smiled. After writing about wanting to live my authentic life, I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful towards my day job. In fact, I am so glad my life took an unexpected turn. There is a saying:
“We make plans and God laughs!”
Well, I heard all the angels in heaven giggling when I started teaching. I have no regrets though. In fact as I worked through the afternoon yesterday, I realized I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I do now if I hadn’t taken that job. Becoming an educator forced me to become a techie. It allowed me to be surrounded with lots of technology to hone these skills. My educator paycheck has bought all the art supplies I always wished for and now I have them at arm’s length. Working for a “system” has helped me to be more organized, tolerant, and resilient. I am a far more skilled grant writer now too. My social skills have matured due to the necessity to work with colleagues. The job has brought me security for which I never dreamed of having. Also, I have met thousands of students who have touched my life.
I guess what I was trying to communicate yesterday is we must have balance in our life. I have found this past year, this goal is certainly possible. Once again, I am Sheree the ARTIST. However now, I am back to being an artist who teaches. Not the other way around. So I guess God’s plan was best after all.
I am thankful.
God knows that.

Still working on “Frantic”
I want this painting DONE!
Ahhhh…patience! The end is near.....!
Take it one brushstroke at a time!

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