Saturday, January 19, 2008


Things are starting to gel. I am starting to understand the expression “You don’t see the forest for the trees”. Back when I started this blog I was in the midst of taking my life back. I wanted to be an ARTIST again. Let me explain. I have always been an artist. I never stopped. However, when I moved to Florida “Sheree the ARTIST” got this teaching job through serendipitous circumstances. I never wanted to be a teacher. It just happened. I should say, I allowed it to happen because it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I took the job. I had to for financial reasons. Raising a daughter alone was very difficult. She needed health insurance and a nice place to live. Before she came along, I didn’t care if I lived in a trashy neighborhood, lived hand-to-mouth, and paid my bills whenever. Having a kid changed everything.
So when I got the teaching job, I needed to understand what being a teacher was all about. Being the Type A personality I tend to be, I jumped in full force. I got teaching certificate(S). Oh yeah, one wasn’t enough!! I won teaching awards and I became a nationally known teacher. Slowly, ever so slowly, my identity as an artist started to fade to the background. Three years ago, I was frustrated and angry with myself. This feeling of discomfort was exacerbated by constant emails from teachers wanting help or googling my name and finding education links. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
It was then I decided to do something about it. I wanted to be Sheree the ARTIST (who taught). Not Sheree the teacher (who made art). I set forth with a plan. I would shift the tide by concentrating on my art, reconnect with the art community, and go back to my old ways of art promotion. In the past year, at times it seemed like I was spinning my wheels. Actually, I just wasn’t seeing all I have accomplished. I am starting to see it all coming together now. I have new bodies of work. I have started my little art video campaign. I have a direction. I know where I want to show my work and where I don’t want to show my work. I have concrete goals for my art for the coming year. When I am away from school, I spend all my waking hours in my studio working. So I see the forest now! It feels so good to be back. I feel like I am revisiting my authentic self. HELLO Sheree!

At work on “Frantic”
It feels so great to be making “jello”!!

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