Monday, January 14, 2008

Loving it!

My enthusiasm for making art videos is growing by leaps and bounds. I just love editing and putting together my own little art presentations via video. Also, I am amazed and clearly see so much potential for these skills to be used within the context of art marketing.
I am still a total newbie at this craft. I will never be Spielburg, nor do I want to be. I am just learning and experiencing all the excitement and motivation that comes with any kind of creative endeavor. Each time I make a new video, I learn from my mistakes. I think of ways to capture my message in a more succinct way. I am organizing, changing, and rearranging footage so it shows my art in its best light. I love this new activity.
Yes, it takes time. That is such a treasured commodity among artists. However, this is time well spent. Not only are you forming a tool to showcase your art, but it allows you to document your own progress as an artist.
In the past few months of experimenting, I have taken baby steps. At first, I just talked. I don't really like those videos. I found out I can't paint and talk at the same time! Then I started making little videos about my art and the various series of paintings I do. These videos are like little packages. I wrap up months of work into a three or four minute video. BOOM! It is there all wrapped up in a pretty bow to behold years from now as a record of my work and energy.
Seeing the potential to use these videos as an art marketing tool, I started getting serious about using royalty free music in the soundtrack. Using “canned music” isn't as cool or ear grabbing as using pop music. However, it is another facet of the creativity. It allows me to find ways to jazz up elevator music to suit my needs. Also, it keeps me LEGAL!
I made this video titled "The Making of Imprisoned". I laid a tribal drum soundtrack behind it. After watching the finished video, I said WOW!
LOVE it!
I hope you do too!

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