Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This week I had a few "nibbles" on my art hook. I had a couple of tugs of interest. Oh, these perks of interest or nudges of hope make you stand erect. At least, they do me. Actually, I am starting to see the humor in all this. I know I was put on earth to be an artist. This fact was condoned by years of working to develop and hone skills that would allow me the privilege of claiming that moniker. I wear it well now. In fact, I am proud as I thrust my chest forward to display the vibrant "ART" emblazoned on my chest. Yep. I am proud because I have earned this tag!
I can't be specific about inquiries or interest. I can only say, there are people looking. That is such great news.
The past couple of days I have thought about how these "nibbles" are so important to an artist. I mean, what keeps us going? Why do we keep making art in times of economic stress and general hardship? What is it? Do you ever wonder what it is that keeps you motivated despite the odds? Do you ever ASK?


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