Sunday, January 6, 2008

Subcultural Personalities

As I type this, I am not really sure how I am going to explain what I am thinking. I have noticed this before, but today it was carried on my mind. I have always been interested in subcultures and their individual personalities. I am sure you might understand what I mean. This is when a mass of people with a common interest or trait take on a group personality with its own identifiable idiosyncrasies and attributes. An easy example could be golfers or fishermen. When we think of either of these sports, we don’t necessarily think of the individuals. We think of the stereotypes for which the group has linked to them. Rich golfers? Stinky fisherman? Whatever.
I have been the owner of many online groups. Since I have varied interests, I wear different “hats” often. I noticed long ago that teacher groups are very chitty chatty. There are many know it alls. Yet, these boards are inevitably information rich. Every artist listserv I have run is nearly silent. Oh there are a few of the same posters, but the majority lurk. It pans out like a poker game with big stakes. Few are friendly. Everyone guards their cards. The members want information, but give little back. Hmmmmmm
On YouTube, I am affiliated with two subcultures. I have an artist channel. I have a fitness channel. Both groups of people in these two subcultures are both using YouTube simultaneously, but never intersect. Two days ago, I got “tagged” on both of my channels within hours of each other. If you are TAGGED, it means someone makes a video telling about their life and then tags five people to do the same. It is like a video chain letter of sorts. So I made my response for my fitness channel. I got all kind of email and comments from the weight loss / fitness crowd. They were cordial, friendly, sweet, thoughtful, and generally very loving people.
When I got tagged on my art channel, I used the same video response. I just changed the names of those being tagged. The video fell on deaf ears. I got no response to speak of except SILENCE. So what does this say about the artist subculture? I wondered about this. I find it to be so enlightening and interesting. I have my own theories. I realize why this could be. I am sure some of you can think of reasons too. However, I also think it is kind of sad.

"Birds Eye View"
Graphite on Arches
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I thought of this drawing while writing this post.

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