Friday, March 7, 2008

Art Blog: She is BACK!!!

Sheree just can’t be quiet!
OK, so I told myself to just be quiet. This was meant both literally and figuratively. I have to be honest. I am overwhelmed right now. I just can’t do everything I want to do because it is just too much to think about and takes too much time to accomplish. When I reach this emotional status, I tend to shut down when I am on overload. I just can’t cope. So be it.
So I was quiet for a few days. However, I saw a post on another art blog that made me twitch. It speaks of the “looming apocalypse”. It goes on to tell of the demise of art. WELL, I just laughed. It reminded me of big headlines in art magazines in the 70's that proclaimed "PAINTING IS DEAD!!" Art isn’t going anywhere. Now I realize after reading the post, the words speak of the weakening of the arts within the SYSTEM. Be it governmental, organizational, political, or the “I know you and you know me” network, there are many ways the arts tend to be inserted in organizational art world "cubbies".
The author may be right in regard to her “cubby” of interest. However no matter what the status quo is, ART will be here. It always will. Yes, the high art, auction based, big deal, hedge funds type art might be in danger. I don’t care about that. In fact, I ask “Who Cares?” This has nothing to do with my ART WORLD.
This author has a different point of view. I look and think about art as a cultural entity. I think of art as a life source. I think of art that will be made regardless of the financial climate. I think of artists making art just BECAUSE.
It has been this way from the beginning of human existence. People will make art. Human beings will express themselves via creative activity. We have all been privileged to experience and witness the results of this “no strings” commitment. Aren’t we lucky? We know for sure these lost artists worked for the sake of working. Even now I think of folk artists or the cultural work of various indigenous peoples. They create to create. They worked without the possibility of a financial gain. They made their work without the idea of aiming for a NY exhibition. They just created. I have to think about this. Of course we live now. We think of art as a product. It is like artists make "pretty widgits". We do have to pay the bills. Yet, it is sad the concept of art for art sake is so foreign during these times.

So will art ever really die?
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RJ said...

Hi Sheree--

Glad to see you are still reading my blog. Thanks for dropping a comment now and then.

Regarding this post: I spend a good deal of time thinking about the nature of art, what it is, what it isn't, who defines it, etc etc etc. During the twenty years I spent doing illustration, I never had to give this stuff a second thought. But now, as a high school art teacher, these things are on my mind a good amount of the time.

Basically, I have come to the conclusion that there are no rules any more. I believe that there is no consensus whatsoever on even the most fundamental questions of "what is art". This can be maddening, but at the same time liberating.

That being said, as a teacher, I believe very strongly in helping my students to develop traditional fundamental skills. This allows them to more effectively pursue their creative vision. If you are going to write a novel, you had better know how to use language.

By the way, if you are feeling homesick, I just posted a bunch of photos that I have taken while meandering around Detroit.

Best from Ferndale--


Sheree Rensel said...

You are correct. There are no rules anymore. There are no boundaries and no true expectations. Everybody is an ARTIST. So much art looks alike. I see this a lot as a surf the internet. For example, I see so many artist's journals that look like the same person did them. When I see one more stamp art mixed media piece showing a vintage photo of some person wearing a collaged dunce hat I find myself wanting to throw my hands up and scream.
I am glad you feel committed to your students and help them learn to use fundamental tools. That is all you can do.
Homesick for Detroit? Hmmmm I have such mixed feelings about my hometown. I will check out your photos. Thanks for commenting!!