Sunday, March 9, 2008

Art BLOG: Wide Eyed Sheree

I just have to laugh and laugh today. I woke up with a better spirit. As you know, I have been a bit moody (to say the least). Recently, I have been experiencing the “black bile” syndrome, melancholia, or the modern day term depression. They are all one and the same. This is nothing new. It comes and goes. I have to do the dance to shake it off. Last night while reading art blogs, I read Mad William. He is experiencing the same malady. I am sure we are two of millions out there. I made a comment to him about understanding. I didn’t give advice because I know how that goes when you are in a MOOD. I did tell him I was trying to “Fake it until I make it!” I am really doing that.
After writing about Otto yesterday, I was so excited to see his new video up this morning. I watched it and just smiled. He is still all aglow about his art and his upcoming show. He described the trip to the studio this morning. He is high on life. I thought about this. I can be very high on life. In fact, there is very little grey area with me. I am either in the clouds or in a self dug hole. Such is life.
I went about my happy business today. I was so chipper and alert. I got my tax receipts all sorted out. I straightened up some art stuff. I ate very healthy. I cheerfully looked outside at the sun and the new sprouts emerging. Before making dinner, I sat down to read email. I noticed one of my favorite videographers had a new vid up. Her name is Syd. She does WONDERFUL videos. She is not an artist per se. However, she is artful and creative in everything she does with the camera.
In the video linked below, she speaks of continuing a series by another videographer, CallMeHol. CALL did a series called "Twenty-one Days of Beauty", This series can be found at CallMeHol on LiveVideo
I am accustomed to watching Syd’s works of video. I am never disappointed. This offering is the first in a seven part series about what she sees as BEAUTY. What a wonderful concept. Also, it is so timely. Just last night, I caught myself laughing in the car. A little 4ish year old girl walked in front of me carrying a huge purse (Mom's hand me down?). It had large gold sequins on it flipping in the wind. I smirked and giggled as she walked past. She was so proud of herself and her self esteem shined right along with the sequins! I saw the beauty in this experience. Syd's vids will allow me to share beauty through her eyes. This is such a great way for me to remember to keep my eyes open wide. Joy is here.. I just have to see it.

SYD'S video: #1 of her BEAUTY series.


Syd said...

Wow Sheree. Thanks so much for this. You're so right about joy and beauty being everywhere...EVERYWHERE indeed.

Sheree Rensel said...

It is with honor and great pleasure I write about your work. You know I think all your videos are absolutely spectacular. They are all so thought provoking and INTELLIGENT. I crave this kind of food for thought. So, I thank you for the great brain "munchies"!!

Martha Marshall said...

Sheree, thanks for sharing these videos with the rest of us. They are a great reminder to stop and see the beauty in this world.

Sheree Rensel said...

I wanted to share these because they are inspirational. Thanks for the thumbs up!! :-)