Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nature and ART

In order to rid myself of a bad case of the self absorbed “boo hoos”, I have turned to my second interest: Science. I have been watching videos that have been created by scientists who speak a language of their own. My language consists of colors, lines, textures, etc. These scientists speak in English, but have their own vocabulary and threads of thought. After watching a few, my mind starts to spin, literally. I remember when I was a little girl, I would come home from Catholic school and think about heaven. I would lay on my bed and try to VISUALIZE the universe. I wanted my mind to sculpt it into a shape and have it take a form. I pictured a cube containing our solar system surrounded by other universes. All of this was enclosed in a cube like form. Everything outside the cube was pure white light. I guess in my childish mind, the white light represented heaven holding the cube in billowing, nebulous, soft arms. Eventually, I would jump up and stop thinking about all this. I realized it made my head HURT.
So much art is inspired by nature. Science and art are two disciplines which are like fraternal twins. I see this kinship and have always loved to learn about our world and other worlds. I love thinking. I love being challenged and intellectually stimulated. I absolutely love listening to scientists speak.
Even though it makes my head hurt, AGAIN!
I have no more to say about this video reference.
It can speak for itself.
Speaker: Alan Watts


Curtis McGuire said...

do you know about ?

it the best lectures on science and art website i have every seen.

Sheree Rensel said...

No I don't! I will go there now and check it out. Thanks so much for your reference and feedback!