Monday, April 21, 2008

Art / Fitness Blog: Being Worth It

I am going to post this entry on both my art and fitness blogs. This is because it relates to both mindsets. Have you ever denied yourself something for whatever reason? I have! Shoot…. For years, I would never buy fresh cherries because they were too expensive. I LOVE cherries. Yet, I would never buy them. They were just too costly. I guess I thought I didn’t deserve them(?)
Today, I bought and unpacked a set of silverware. Now, I am not talking about SILVER. This set is just plain, ole, trailer trash, stainless steel silverware. Do you know I have lived 34 years of adult life and I have never had a full set of silverware! NEVER! I have always been so frugal and mindful of being poor, I have denied myself of many simple pleasures.
You see if I needed silverware, I would go to the Salvation Army or the local thrift store and pick up a few knifes or spoons. Consequently, I have always had drawers full of mismatched utensils. It never bothered me. After all, I was interested in function, not beauty.This month I was making dinner and realize I only had ONE fork. I guess I have been throwing my forks away when I clean my plates(?) Who knows. It has to be my fault. I am the only one who lives here!! LOL LOL
I came to the conclusion that I had to go buy some silverware. A brilliant idea came to me. I told myself “Sheree, go to the store and buy a whole set of silverware!!!!”. Now, this might seem obvious or even stupid to some readers. However, it is the truth!
Why did it take me so long? The reason I have always put it off is because silverware is expensive. I always had other bills that needed to be paid. I had priorities. However right now, I have enough money to buy a set. Also, I FINALLY realize

I am WORTH it!

Oh Yeah!!!!!

Are you worth it?


Linda Fleming said...

Sheree, I can really relate to your post! I raised two boys by myself and there was never enough money for essentials, let alone a matching set of silverware. I learned the difference between wanting or needing something as I struggled through those years. My kids have long been raised and out on their own. I am remarried and financially stable now, but I still avoid spending money on things I want rather than need (unless it is art supplies as I have no problem spending a lot of money on those-lol). I guess that old saying is true- old habits die hard.

I am glad you bought yourself a matching set of silverware- enjoy!

Sheree Rensel said...

YES!!! Linda, you of all people might understand. You are so correct. Old habits die hard. I mean, lets be real here. I bought the set of silverware at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and even used a 20% off coupon. Yet, I still felt guilt. Is this stupid or what? Now that my daughter is gone, this expenditure was not going to break the bank. However like you say, it is a habit. I am stopping this habit NOW. If I need something and WANT it too, I am going for it. Shoot. I might even start collecting SILVER place settings!!! LOL LOL
(That won't be hard. I only need one setting, since I am the only one who is around here to eat.) LOL LOL LOL LOL
Thanks for your insight!!