Friday, April 18, 2008

Changing HATS

First, I feel like I need to apologize. Why, I really don’t know. However, I have been keeping this blog for over a year and I don’t think I have ever gone this long between posts. I feel sorry. I feel sorry for anyone who reads this blog and I feel sorry for me. I feel sorry that my mind was in other places. In fact, that makes me sad. This is where my heart is.
Any artists who had to work other jobs to survive might be able to understand. I am an artist. I am also a teacher. Usually, I do a fast dance to keep all the aspects of my life moving and jumping. However sometimes, I need to focus on one thing. If it has to do with my day job, it is very probable that I am not jumping in voluntarily. It is more like I need to do the deed for work. Since that is where I get most of my money, I do whatever needs to get done.
For the past few months, I have been working on a big project for my day job. The culminating finale is happening right now. I have been devoting every morsel of energy I have to this project. Thus, my art was put on the back burner. YEP! It happens. Like I said before, anyone who works a job will understand. As I sit and write this entry, I can say it is the first time in weeks I haven’t had work to do on this project. I feel relieved; I feel satisfied; I feel resentful. Yes, I feel all this rolled up into a huge ball of emotional energy. Ka-BOOM!!! Tonight, I went out to the patio and began thinking of what I wanted to accomplish this weekend. I thought about the work sitting in my studio. I thought about some tips and advice a friend gave me this week via email. I thought about the direction I want my paintings to go. I thought about where I want to show my work this year. I thought and thought and thought. I remembered how this life of living two careers is a tricky one. It takes time to switch “HATS”. This is why vacation time is so vital. It takes me a few days just to get into the mental groove of what I want to do next with my art. Weekends are wonderful, but trying to make substantial progress towards long term goals doesn’t happen in two days.
This time every year, my mind starts to take a major shift. This “thinking” I was doing today is not only about this weekend. It is about plotting and planning my summer ATTACK. It is kind of funny. As artists we already have so much to think about and do. Yet when another job becomes a part of the mix, it can be almost overwhelming. That is why you need to know how to change hats quickly.

SHEREE the Master Hat Changer!
I think one of my future posts should be about “JUGGLING”! LOL LOL LOL


Martha Marshall said...

Sheree I'm happy for you that summer is approaching. I know it goes fast, but what would you do without that wonderful break! You must have a million things you want to get started on.

Sheree Rensel said...

You are right. It does go fast. However, if I didn't have the breaks I get during the school year, I wouldn't teach. NOPE. I couldn't. I would just be a poor bohemian artist because without time to regroup and get my art life together, I would just die on the vine.
I have a routine. In fact, right here at my computer I have my "TO DO" list for those 8 weeks of summer. I am already starting to get ready, (set, go!!) LOL LOL