Sunday, May 11, 2008

Art Blog: Art Baby

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I am a “Mommy” too. That is a shocker at least to me. I never thought of myself as being a Mom. Even when I was a little, little girl, my sisters would play house and name their potential children. I would roll my eyes and know this was not my plan. I had no maternal aspirations at all. I just wanted to live my life and be an artist. Thinking back, I suppose I was quite precocious, but honest. Being a mother wasn’t on my list of life plans.
Well, we make plans and God laughs. I went to school: CHECK. I became an artist: CHECK. I had a baby: HUH? What a great surprise. Even though I was very unsure and frightened, I went with the flow of life. She was and still is my “Art Baby”.
To be honest, I am so thankful. I am not sure I would be alive now if I hadn’t been blessed with her birth. She gave me drive and the will to survive. She gave me hope. She gave me laughter. She taught me about life. She taught me about love. She gave me lessons on how to be a Mommy and a good one at that.
Time flies when you are having fun. My little Art Baby is 24 years old now. She is a vibrant, inspirational, intelligent, and beautiful woman. So I am having a Happy Mother’s day because I was lucky enough to be allowed to raise the best daughter in the world.
Love you with all my heart ART BABY!!

”Sheree and Art Baby”
postcard photo shoot 1984
”Art Babies” exhibition at Detroit Council for the Arts
Photo Credit: Gilda Snowden


gilda said...

Sheree, I have always loved that picture! I can still remember the sunny day.
Hey, my art baby will be 16 in August and is 2 inches taller than me! But she is still my baby, only she can critique my paintings and I will listen! She doesnt mince words, and I like that! If she likes what I have done, then it must be good! Sheree, you and I have done really good, both in Art and in Life!

Sheree Rensel said...

You got that right girl!!!

Aaaaa, only 2 inches taller? Art baby towers over me. LOL LOL LOL