Saturday, May 24, 2008

Art Blog: Creative Process

Obviously, I love creating. That is my job. However, I also love the creative process. I find creativity such a fascinating thing. How our thoughts are generated and how ideas evolve seems miraculous to me. It is like an extended game of connect the dots.
When an artist creates, the entire process does not always take place in the studio. For me, I might get an idea and let it bounce around my head for weeks or months. It is as if I have a little incubator inside my head. I see something and it becomes a seed. Then, I hear something and in goes that sound. The feel or taste of my world creates the water and soil for the idea to grow. One thought leads to another and little by little those thought seeds take root. During the gestation, events play a role in the feeding and nurturing of a new creative baby.
For example, I am currently collecting concepts for new art work. Here is how one of my new ideas is evolving:

Seed #1: An autistic student gave me one of his drawings. It was a huge, poster board marker drawing. He said it was called the “Treasure Map”. I really looked at it. I was so taken by the creative purity this drawing contained. The artist had no hesitation. His marks flow and images dance. Also, the idea of “Treasure Maps” stuck in my head. I brought the work to my studio and kept looking at it.
Seed #2: That same day, a colleague gave me a huge, box of printed maps. I figured I would use them for collage or teaching resources. At the time, I didn’t see any connection between these maps and the Treasure Map drawing.
Seed #3: As mentioned in my “Catalogs” blog post, I was reminded of and acknowledged I miss my “Detroit River” piece which is a collage drawing incorporating a map.
Seed #4: I was speaking to a friend about how I never travel. Except to drive to work and the grocery store, I am nearly agoraphobic.
Seed #5: I am going through a passage in my life right now. I am SEARCHING for an elusive something. Lately, every day is spent trying to find myself and my future. I don’t know where I am going (physically, emotionally, or artistically) right now. I am in search of direction!

I have taken these five events, stirred them up, shaken them until I see a fizz, and POOF!!! I have a new art direction. One new series will be my own TREASURE MAPS.

A gift
The Treasure Map
By “A.M.”, an autistic boy

Oh, and before he gave this drawing to me, he gave himself a grade: A+!
No problem with self esteem there!! Tee hee hee


gilda said...

Sheree, this is eerie. Three daughters of a friend of mine [5 year old twins and a 7 year old] gave me some drawings that they did of me...they are wonderful! As I was looking at them they gave me so many ideas for self-portraiture again, spurring me to revisit the silhouetted self portraits I was doing a few years ago before I cut my hair off. Also, some of the students at school who are doing graffiti painting and stencils challenged me to incorporate elements of this style into my work. At one point I would have disregarded this, saying that what I was into was enough. But I have been intrigued with the freshness of these two points of view, especially the little kids work, and how happy it made me feel when I was working. The current results are the flowers that have occupied me for over a year now---wonderful blobs of color that make me happy and also allow me to tie abstraction onto a whole new format.

Sheree Rensel said...

Gilda, I see little kid art every day. In fact, this is why I started my "Misbehaviorists" series. However for me, it is like wallpaper. I hardly notice the nuances anymore since I see it constantly. I think it is good (for both of us) that we can stop and see with new eyes. It keeps things fresh and interesting.
You should have a website so we can see your art all together. I am glad you are doing the silhouettes again. I think those were so powerful!!

Martha Marshall said...

Sheree, I just love that your student gave himself an A+!!

It's exciting how these thought processes and little clues are coming together for you. I look forward to seeing what materializes.

PS - Blogarithm is having very bad hiccups due to a change in platform, so I ditched it for Feedblitz. Meanwhile I missed several of your posts. Going back and reading now.

Sheree Rensel said...

Martha, I thought the A+ was hysterical too. In fact, he gave me the poster and then took it out of my hands, flipped it over, and said "Oh, I gave myself an A+ on this!" I just laughed and laughed. I said "Good Job!!!" I love working with the autistic kids. They are my favorite!
Regarding the FEED monsters: I don't think any of them work accurately. I have yet to see on of my posts pop up on Blogrush. Even Google alerts are bizarre. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I don't care. I just keep writing. LOL LOL