Monday, May 5, 2008

Art Blog: There is a Season

I can remember back when I was about 34 years old, I met an artist who was in her 70’s. She had a very illustrious resume. At one time, she was an artist commissioned by the U.S. Air Force. She did oil paint “portraits” of fighter jets. I admit, I was so stupid and naïve then, I wasn’t impressed. After all, I was a young, successful emerging, contemporary artist. I was so full of myself! I met her because I was the education coordinator at an art center. She came to teach classes there. One time, she was in my office and her pantyhose were riding down under her pants. She dropped trou right in front of me and pulled her pantyhose up. I guess she noticed my jaw drop and she was quick to say “Honey when you are my age, you don’t care what people think!!” At the time, I thought she was just an old, crazy lady. Now, I “get it”. In fact, I wish I could meet her again. I could learn so much from her, NOW. (File this under the “Young and Stupid Category”)
I also remember feeling sorry for people who were “older”. I just figured they never had any fun. LOL LOL LOL Oh geesh, I know better now. It might surprise some to learn that if I walk into a room with a hundred people, I seek out those in their late 40’s and early 50’s. These are my people, my peers. We get along just dandy and have lots of fun too!! They speak my language. I speak theirs. It is all good!!
No matter what age we are, we all notice time brings changes to our lives. One of my YouTube subscriptions is the “Generic1927” channel. This channel features videos by Peter. He is an English man who is obviously a senior citizen. I love his videos because he always has sage advice and lots of words of wisdom gathered during his long life. His most recent video speaks of saying goodbye to an old friend. At first, you might think someone has died. Instead, he is talking about having to sell a treasured car. It was a Mercedes sports car. The reason he had to give it up was because he realized due to the car’s road hugging stature, he was no longer able to boost himself out of the low sitting car. Watch the video below to hear him tell the story. It is poignant and kind of sad.
After watching the video, I really felt bad for him. I started thinking about how age has robbed him of one of his joys. Then I realized everything has a season. At every stage of our lives, we can do certain things. Even as children, we grow out of a treasured outfit. A time comes when we can’t ride our favorite bicycle anymore because I legs grew too long.
In our teens, we are forced to give up childish things because of peer pressure or the desire to appear grown up. When we are in our twenties and thirties, it is time to be an adult. Even if we like partying or being free spirits, life responsibilities creep up and force us to be mature. I know at my age, I sometimes want to go out in the backyard and do cartwheels. I stop myself because I don’t feel like risking a trip to the chiropractor.
Everything has its season. However with each new era in our life, new things come to bring joy and happiness. I might not be able to do cartwheels, but I still can act silly and dance around. Also, I have more freedom than any other time in my life. I can remember years ago, NEVER going out of the house without makeup. Now, I couldn't care less! Like Lorraine told me "you get to a certain age and it just doesn't matter to you anymore". Peter doesn’t have his sport car, but he has a new car and has the wits and humor to make entertaining videos. Watch him. He inspires me and makes me realize life goes on despite setbacks and changes time brings to us all.

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