Saturday, May 31, 2008

Art Blog: When things are NEW

It looks like job search central around this place. Papers are everywhere. I have transcript request forms sitting right here next to me. That will be one of my first tasks this weekend. I finished one online application for a district just west of Orlando. I am half way through another application for a school district about an hour north of where I live now. Doing these applications is making me spacey. I had to take a break because I was starting to hyperventilate! LOL
Another reason I wanted to write is because something just occurred to me. I was searching for art jobs online. I would see K-12 job openings and copy the information for future reference. Then I saw a couple of college level openings. My heart literally skipped a beat. I want that kind of job! I loved teaching at the college level. I was so sad when those jobs seemed to slip through my fingers. I have always wanted to do that again. Then, I started to think about it. Memories are funny. It is like remembering an old love relationship. I tend to remember only the good things about former lovers and wonder why we broke up. I have to think hard to remember the horrible events. Even though I didn’t quit my college teaching jobs and remember loving those times, I don’t acknowledge the flies in the ointment. It isn’t all peaches and cream working with young adults. They have many “issues”. Some still carry around their teen angst baggage along with a suitcase full of bravado. Many lack the skills to be responsible and have never heard of “work ethic”. I found these things to be very annoying.
I realized this is one reason I love working with younger students. Everything is NEW to them. The world is full of wonder. They have fresh eyes and honest perspectives. They are appreciative. Very often when you teach them something, they think you are a genius or an angel. They are truly full of awe.
A couple of days ago, I had the first grade art class in my room. It was their last art class for the year. They had finished their final project and we only had a half hour left. I asked “So what do you want to do for the last few minutes?” A little boy said “I want to learn how to make a paper airplane!!” I said “OK! That is a great idea!!!” So I ran and grabbed a stack of paper and showed the kids how to make a simple paper airplane. Within minutes, the art room looked like an international airport with planes flying in and out and over and under. Zoom!!!! The kids were laughing and giggling. I was too.
I highly doubt many of my college level drawing or design students remember me. If they do, it would be a passing thought. However, I know for sure these 1st graders will remember the day the airplanes flew.
The next day one of the kids came and gave me this drawing with a thank you note. It gave me chills.

Do you remember when the world was amazing?

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