Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Art Blog: Art Life PERFECTION

Today was a perfect day. I love these kinds of days. I got up early and went to the gym for my orientation. I stayed after and worked out for an hour. I did the elliptical, leg lift machine, rowing machine, and the bike. It felt so good! Also, I met a really nice personal trainer. I am going to hire her for some sessions in the near future. I want to understand more about lifting weights.
I left the gym and headed for the grocery store. I bought all my healthy stuff to stock my empty cabinets and fridge. I had a quick lunch and began working on my art. I could not believe this little project was going to be so difficult and time consuming. I had collected bunches of digital files and printed them out on sticky paper. Then I cut out each element and began composing. After eight hours, I finished! Holy Macaroni! I was so excited to finish it. I took some quick photos, wrapped it up, and headed for the post office. It is on its way to a show. I will let you know more about this project in a few weeks. I don’t want to jinx myself. (Neurotic fear) LOL LOL
After returning from the post office, I made my salad and chicken dinner. It was so good! This is why it is so strange I don’t work out and eat right every day. When I do, I feel so energetic and enthusiastic. Maybe I have a thing about thriving on crisis, so I self sabotage. Who knows.
I am going to work to get to the bottom of these little, negative quirks. In fact, it was perfect timing when I saw a little journal made by Miz Katie. I found Katie online. She makes funky, colorful collages and I saw she had an Etsy store. When I went to her store, the first thing I saw was this little journal which had a collage made with vintage book illustrations. I was immediately struck by this “old lady with twelve geese”. I related to the picture. For some reason, I interpreted the geese as all the traits and idiosyncrasies that follow me around year after year after year. Of course, I make progress and grow. However, there are many little things that just hang on. If you read one of my journals from ten years ago, I am talking about some of the same stuff I still talk about! Arghhhhh!! There are both positive and negative traits that help or hinder me. Since I tend to do theme journals, I thought it would be perfect to buy this one from Katie and write about my twelve geese. Ironically I realized today, this is exactly what I have been doing in the past weeks in other ways. (new art, new life, new glasses, new teeth, new hair, etc.)

I have been busy getting all my ducks (geese?) in a row!

Collaged journal cover by Katherine Labbe


MizKatie said...

Wow! Sheree!! I never thought of the geese in this way. Maybe I should have kept the book for myself. heh! ;)

I'm sooo happy you like it. And I hope, by the end of the book, you will have found peace (from all the "honking").


MizKatie said...

Oh, and I completely agree with you about self sabotage. What is up with THAT? It's like I set out to do myself in every single day.

When I exercise and eat right, I feel so much better. But, do I do it? Nah. I'd rather feel like dirt, I guess. pftt!!

Funny though, this morning I signed up for a walking program on google - 15 weeks. eep! Did I say 15 weeks? It starts off easy, and gets harder as you go along. It's called Walk For Good. You can google it if you're interested. :)

Sheree Rensel said...

I do love my little journal. Thank you so much. I think the "honk honk" is what made me think of the geese as symbols for all my little troubles. I actually kind of hear a HONK HONK HONK in my head all the time.

In regards to healthy living: I am on a TWO day roll. LOL LOL LOL I went the gym and worked out for another hour this morning. I even ate breakfast which is weird for me. As I left the gym, I actually sat in my car for a few moments and consciously made a note to my brain. "Sheree, you feel so good right now. REMEMBER THIS FEELING!!" Not only to I feel like I am accomplishing something, but I am also thinking far more rationally. This is a really great thing for me because I can think some really koo-koo thoughts!

MizKatie said...

honey, i think we are sisters lost at birth!! i relate to everything you're saying. i do the same thing, and it lasts a week or so and poof! i go back to being the lazy beast i am. heh!

last week i rode 50 or 60 miles on my bike. i felt sooo good. i told myself i must keep this up. i was thinking clearer and feeling better.

this week? nada. not one mile, yet. what is up with that? it's sheer craziness. heh!

Sheree Rensel said...

We do it because it is so EASY not to do it. I am like this too. I will workout like a crazy person and eat great for a while. THEN, all it takes is one day for me to make the decision NOT to do it. Then, I get on a lazy roll. Also, there are so many temptations. I had to go to the dentist again and on the way home I thought "I don't want to cook dinner. I should stop at Taco Bell." NOPE NOPE NOPE! I made it home without bowing to tempation. Good for me.