Saturday, June 21, 2008

Art Blog: Butterflies and Blue Birds

I am sitting here laughing out loud. After spending the last hour doing research online, I found myself giggling and seeing the humorous side of life. If you are a reader of this blog, you already know I tend to have a dark side. LOL LOL I don’t mean to sound dreary, it just comes out. The irony is I am just as silly and wacky as they come. Sometimes that side of me isn’t as apparent.
Anyway, I was doing research. I was trying for figure out what people buy. I mean handmade stuff. It seems like everybody and their brother has some kind of online art or craft shop. I wanted to see what people are actually buying. So I started snooping around.
This is what made me laugh. After viewing pages and pages of SOLD arts and crafts, my mind became overloaded with a continual stream of saccharine vocabulary words:
Butterflies, bluebirds, flowers, buttons, bows, baubles, hope, love, spirit, smile, tickle, bright, jolly, merry, peaceful, balloons, bubble gum, cookies, fairies, fluffy, bunny, snowflake, etc. etc.
You get the idea. Maybe I am stating the obvious, but people buy things that make them feel good. Then I thought, “Boy, am I in trouble!” LOL LOL I think of my bratty kids paintings and my gloomy tongue-in-cheek “Lost Souls” and realized I have to lighten up.
Oh my goodness Sheree, you make me laugh. Actually, the reason I started thinking about all this art marketing stuff was because years ago I sold simple, kitschy crafts like hats and jewelry. I stopped doing that because it seemed like too much work for too little money. However, I constantly have people ask me about making utilitarian kinds of artsy stuff. The last day of work, I walked in wearing a hat I made with some weird fringy stuff hanging over my eyes. Everyone kept saying “I want that hat!” This made me think. Maybe I should go back to making my hats or handmade papers or something. One thing is for sure. Whatever I do, it has to be HAPPY because I want to sell something!

Think HAPPY Sheree

Ah yes: “The bluebirds and butterflies watched as the golden girl collected daisies as she danced and played in the shimmering sun.”
YEAH! That sounds good! Tee HEE HEE HEE


Kim Hambric said...

My list of fave blogs contains happy happy happy and the sometimes downright gloomy bordering on suicidal (it seems). I almost always feel bad after reading the happy happy happy. I don't know why that is.

There used to be a gallery in my town that sold lots of happy things. The owner was always suggesting that I use happy pretty colors. I made several pieces in pinks and purples and they sold like hotcakes. The gloomier pieces often sold too, but it was obvious what the people wanted.

I prefer working with black, browns and blues. It is what I must do. I've put some orange into my work because it makes me happy, but I'm not sure what others think of it.

If only I could become happy fuzzy and fluffy, I would probably be a hot artist. I just can't do it. There must be some really depressed people out there who will purchase my work.

There must be a market out there for us non-fuzzies!

Love the happy butterfly bird art! Funny.

Sheree Rensel said...

Oh I like that! "Non-fuzzies"!
Oh yeah, I can see it now: advertising to the "depressive types". LOL LOL Someone actually asked me once why everything I make is so DEPRESSING? Say what?
I don't think my art is depressing. I just tend to paint about "issues". I think a lot of my art throws people because the candy colors look HAPPY, but there is this weird, creepy, edgy message if you really look at the pieces. I try to make people think. OUCH!! I gotta stop doing that!! LOL
Well to look at the bright side, I already have the "happy palette" down. As far as color is concerned, most of my work emulates the color choices used in circus design!
I just have to work on my content. Oh, that reminds me, I have to add PUPPIES, KITTIES, and RAINBOWS to my list.
Thanks for your comment!!