Thursday, June 12, 2008

Art Blog: Guest Artist Gig

OK. Today is the last day of my “vacation”. I intentionally have done nothing but sit around and worry, write blog posts, and watch TV for the past week. I allowed myself time to do this because I needed to decompress. Since I can’t afford a week on the French Riviera, I had my vacation here at the “Wizzlewolf Estate”. LOL LOL
Today I go back to work. I have to clean my studio and start painting! I will allow myself to worry about the job situation in little pockets of time in the next few weeks. One thing for sure is I have to get out and visit the world. I love being alone, but I can get super spooky after not speaking to another human being for days on end. Last night when I was photographing those flowers, some people were walking by my house and said something to me. I was so freaked out, I literally ran back into the house.
One thing I did accomplish this week was to go check out a part time job. I saw an announcement for a local arts agency that needs “guest artists”.
Creative Clay is a fantastic organization here in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is an art center for individuals with developmental disabilities. I am familiar with their work because back around 1995, I volunteered to work with them to satisfy some community service hours needed for a class I was taking at USF. Since then, I have known artists who have worked with the clients and they seemed to enjoy it. I could never fit it into my schedule due to working full time, raising my daughter, and working as an artist. I figured now would be a great time to work there. I have more time and it would expand my horizons.
I went to the Guest Artist orientation. The facility is wonderful. The clients are so talented and fun. The directors gave us the application materials while describing the job expectations. Guest artists are expected to work about 4 hours per week, but you wouldn’t be doing art during all those hours. Artists are expected to leave the center and take the clients on field trips around the community. Also, all guest artists were required to take medical training (i.e. CPR, First Aid, etc.). NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. I don’t do either of those things. I hate driving and I don’t even put band aids on other people. I am not a nurse. That is creepy to me. So I decided not to jump into that job because I cannot fulfill their expectations. I was disappointed. Oh well.

Click here to check out Creative Clay. It is a great non-profit organization. They do really great work there!!! If you have some spare change or time to give, look them up!

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