Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Art Blog: Just keep going = DMB

My only hobby is going to concerts. Things aren’t going so swell right now. I am hanging on by a thread emotionally due to all the crap life brings. However, I have my hobby. Tomorrow night, I am going to a concert to see the B-52s and Cyndi Lauper. That should be fun. However, I am holding on tight and waiting until July 9th. On that date, I will be able to experience my concert nirvana. I am going to see Dave Matthews Band.
I am not one to bow to celebrity. I am not even sure how I became a DMB groupie. This band isn’t of my era. I do remember sitting in the car one day and a Dave song came on the radio. I was hooked. I bought all their CDs. I started going to DMB concerts. I have lost count as to how many I have attended. It is quite funny actually. I am the old lady in the crowd. I jump up and down; scream and rant; then give high 5’s to the twenty somethings behind me. It is all good. They laugh and smile. Every time I go to a DMB concert, it is like my heaven. I am so stoked and the music washes me in a bath of ecstasy.
The real draw is BOYD TINSLEY.
He is the guy with the long dreads. He plays electric violin. He never fails to bring me to the point of total insanity as I watch and listen. He is beyond cool. OMG!
So I just have to wait three more weeks. I will be there again. I can’t wait. I am holding on. This date is what is keeping me going right now.

Here is some bootleg video from last year’s concert.
I was there.
I remember it with every cell of my body.
Just keep going Sheree.
In three weeks, you will be there again.
BOYD, I can hear and see you now!


queenlint1 said...

I felt the same way about Jethro Tull in concert. No way to describe the bliss or the experience.

Sheree Rensel said...

Hi Dina! Oh I love Jethro Tull! You are lucky you got to go to their concert. I almost bought a ticket to go see them recently and then decided not to. Back in the "Tull" days, my life was so out of control and insane, I didn't want to flashback and relive any of those feelings. Seriously! I do love their music though.