Monday, June 23, 2008

Art Blog: Moving On

This is so typical of me. I go low, low, low, and then I go high, high, high. Sound familiar? Well, today was the day I started to feel change. I went to my first dental appointment. I am having all my top front teeth capped. So far, they did the prep on one front tooth and put a temporary cap on it. I look like Bucky Beaver. LOL I am cool with that though. I know it will take about a month for my teeth to look normal, so I understand the transitional period.
I came home and did a little work on some art stuff. My daughter emailed me yesterday to ask about a computer problem. (Yep, it is always something. She only emails me when she needs something. Well, I am not complaining. At least she emailed me!!! LOL LOL) I answered her question and then asked her for her advice about a haircut for me. I want to get a shaggy, emo kind of cut. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I know I am too old for that, but I don’t give a SH**! I want the haircut I want and I don’t care if I look stupid to other people. Screw them. We traded examples and I was shocked that she sent me a few idea pics that were actually close to what I want. I feared she would send me a “Barbara Bush Blue Hair do” photo. She didn’t. We came to a very updated, hip agreement. I guess I taught my daughter well. Also, I realized when I cut my hair, have my new teeth, and get my new glasses, and if I can’t find a different job by August, the kids at my school will have to think of new insults. I will be incognito. They won’t recognize me!!!
THEN, I went and joined a gym. Yes! Even though I have exercise equipment at home and more fitness DVDs than I want to admit, “Free styling” it at home isn’t cutting it for me. I have to get out in public. I have to be among people. I have to be embarrassed and so humiliated about my body that I will actually workout. LOL So, I am a new member now. The coolest thing is they have a pool and a rock climbing wall. I can do neither of these things at this moment. I am one of those people who will not put on a bathing suit unless I look half way decent in it. Therefore, I will be using the pool in about 3-6 months from now. Also, the climbing wall is a super motivator for me. I sat and watched the little boys trying to climb and I wanted to be up there with them SO BAD. The only deterrent for me right now is I can’t stand the idea of the spotters looking up at my fat ass. So, I will be attempting the wall in ahhh……..maybe 4-6 months. Yeah. I think my butt will be in the OK range by then. LOL LOL
Remember: Keep moving!!! I know all this is a good sign. My art will flourish because I am in bloom.

Ahuh….I am getting older, but who cares. I am going to climb that wall if it KILLS me. LOL LOL
Just watch. I will have somebody hold my video camera and film me doing it.
It might take me six months to get to that place, but I will get there.
It will be such a great metaphor for what I am going through right now.
I love it!
Also, I always liked being up in a high place. I can remember climbing trees back in the day.
I would climb them; I would sit and eat green apples; then, I would throw the cores down on all the boys standing below. LOL
Gee, maybe things don't really change all that much after all. LOL LOL LOL


Martha Marshall said...

Sheree, you are such an inspiration! You're way younger than me I think, so better you than me going up that wall. I can't wait to see that picture!

But I identify with the need to get stronger and more fit to handle whatever life has in store. (I personally might begin with something more modest like re-learning how to ride a bike or something, LOL!) The haircut sounds like great fun! I've had "image" on my mind a lot lately and have been feeling restless in that regard as well.

Good luck to you as you navigate through these summer adventures.

Sheree Rensel said...

You hit the nail on the head! This past month I have been so miserable and I realized I was getting nowhere fast because I feel so emotionally and physically weak. I realized there are some things I can't change, but there are other things that are in my control. Getting myself together is one of them.
I saw your post about switching your hair color. In fact, I had been growing my roots out for three months because I wanted to see what my hair looks like now. Shoot, if I had pretty grey or silver hair, I would go for it. I don't. My hair is this mousy, dishwater blond with grey strands. It isn't a pretty color at all. So I bleached over it again. However, I have had the same hair style for practically my whole life. I did cut it and dyed it red back in 1988, but I went right back to long bleach blond within a year. Now, I think I want to move into the 21st century. LOL LOL
When I get to the top of the WALL, I will let you know! Tee HEE HEE