Sunday, June 15, 2008

Art Blog: New, New, WORK!

FINALLY! I have some new stuff online. It isn’t my ordinary painting and mixed media work. It is a series I started a couple of years ago. It is called:
“ONLINE: Lost Souls, Lonely Hearts”
It is a collection of soft sculptures about people I meet online. The idea started when I would chat with people on message boards. I couldn’t see them, but their personalities started to blossom in my head. I started to make these sculptural figures and then write a “profile” of the individual on an attached “toe tag”. They are pretty funny.
I wanted to make 100 of them. I put fiber hooks on the back so they could be displayed on the wall. After working on them for months and months, I realized I will have to live to be 100 years old for me to make a 100 of these sculptures! Each time I would finish one, I would put it away fast. I didn’t want to see it for a while. Then, I would make another one. One of my summer goals was to get them online and SELL them. Even though they are precious to me, I just have to get over this issue of hoarding my own art. So, they are up online now. I plan to add them to my new Etsy store tomorrow. Check them out and giggle!!

This is one example. Her name is “BOOBALA” .
Look at her and read her tag.
Have you ever met someone like this before?

Click here to see the rest of the collection!
More to come soon!

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