Monday, June 2, 2008

Art Blog: Studio Issue

I feel like I am at the mall trying on new clothes. The difference is I am trying on a new LIFE. When you look for a new job and new life, you have to research all the possibilities. Now that I have gotten my feet wet and started submitting applications, I research bunches of things. This is a “just in case” action. It is the Girl Scout in me telling me to “be prepared”. Before and after making contact with new job situations, I read information about the place at which I might work; I look at the geographic area; and I read the Chamber of Commerce page. Also, I research housing costs.
It is kind of sad in a way. I have always made art. It didn’t matter if I had to make it in a closet, basement, or kitchen table, or wherever, I still made art. Years ago, I rented a studio in the downtown area of St. Petersburg. I felt I MADE IT. However, I bought this house a couple of years later. When I looked at this house, it was like a dream come true. There is an addition that I quickly turned into a nice, functional, working art studio. It even has its own entry door. It is like a little, stand alone studio. I have loved this so much. The problem is an entire house is just too much for me to handle. If I were just a teacher, I think I could manage it. However, to work all day, come home to make art AND take care of a house….it is just too much for me. I can’t stand wanting to paint while peering out the window at my yard, plumbing, deck, roof, and general repairs which need attention. I need to downsize. I want to get a condo or townhouse. This way, someone else can deal with outside maintenance. This sounds good to me. Also I will have the amenities I had similar to those when I rented. I want a POOL!!
As I look at the possibilities, I realize my studio is fizzling away with each thought. However, if I can get a new mortgage for a little less than I pay now, I can go back to renting a studio away from home. This is an apples and oranges issue. I love having my studio at home because it is convenient. However, I tend to be a hermit and very agoraphobic. Having my studio at home exacerbates these conditions. If I rent a studio in a place with other artists, this might be a good thing for me.
Thinking out loud here.
Every minute now is full of wonder. What is going to happen? Seriously. I would love to know what will be happening six months from now.

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