Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Art Blog: The “Unveiling”

This is such perfect timing! After I spoke of being anti-social yesterday, I woke up to a quilt unveiling video from atree3. You see, atree3 (Margaret Fabrizio) is a wonderful, wonderful woman. She is an artist of many media. She is a vlogger. Also, she just happens to be in her seventies. I have been following her vlog for six months. Recently, she started a series of videos about making a quilt. I am not a fiber artist and I have never made a quilt. Nor do I desire to anything like that. Even though my ”ONLINE: Lost Souls, Lonely Hearts series is fiber related, I approach these forms in a very naïve, primitive manner. I am sure fiber artists are horrified when they see my technique! LOL
Atree3 made an entire series of 32 videos about the making of the “Superquilt”. The last video shows her at an art party to celebrate the unveiling of the finished quilt. As I watched the video, I was in love with the way Margaret made the finished artwork an exciting event. Even though just the thought of having a party makes me feel like I am going to hyperventilate, it still think this looks like such fun! (Maybe being social IS a good thing?)
Oh and to all those interested in art marketing: Margaret includes the price of the finished piece in her YouTube video description, as well as mentions the DVDs of all the quilt making videos are available for $10.
You go girl!!!
Check it out!

“Superquilt” Unveiling
by Margaret Fabrizio
Click picture to view her unveiling video on YouTube
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