Sunday, July 6, 2008

Art Blog: Alignment

I love it when this happens. I love it when things start to align and you become aware of relationships between seemingly unrelated events. I love when little parts of your art life start to fit together like snug puzzle pieces.
First puzzle piece:
I spoke a while ago about buying a new journal with 12 geese on the cover. I saw the geese as symbols of my personal traits (pro and con). I made a list of those traits. I am dividing the journal into twelve sections and write about each attribute in effort to seek answers and nurture growth.
Second puzzle piece:
Also, I recently spoke about a gift I received from an autistic boy. It was a treasure map. I decided that day my next series of work would be titled Treasure Maps because it sounded like an interesting idea.
Third puzzle piece:
I have written posts ad nauseum about how I am trying to change some of my life circumstances. I just want to rearrange a few things, but I am not sure how I am going to do it yet.
If you put all these puzzle pieces together, my new painting series “Treasure Maps” makes so much sense. I am in a determined search for something. Yet, I don’t know what it is really. It may be a particular kind of new job. It may be a better art life. It may be as simple as finding more happiness and contentment.
This is why being an artist is such a great thing. I can’t wait until I work through this series to find the TREASURE!!

This is a day in the life video of me starting work on the “Treasure Map” series. ENJOY!


Miz Katie said...

and..and..maybe it's a coincidence, but it's kinda funny that you write about making these changes in the book i made.

i am struggling with the exact same thing. i need to make changes, too. like really big changes. and i'm resisting. and i fall back on old ways. then i try again, and fail. time after time after time. i struggle with it every day.

i am filling up one of my notebooks with morning pages..3 pages every morning. i'm sure you've heard of them. it gets all the crap out of your head, so you can focus a little better. there's also a belief if you complain about something long enough, you'll HAVE to change. you'll be sooo sick of writing the same thing over and over. heh! it's worth a shot.

Sheree Rensel said...

Katie, We move away from change because we don't want to leave our comfort zones. I have wanted to change jobs for FOUR years. I just haven't fully pushed myself over that cliff yet.
Yes, I know all about morning pages ala Julia Cameron. I was doing all that 3 page stuff back nearly twenty years ago. It is true, it does help. I think this blog helps me clear my head too.
Happy Sunday!!