Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Art Blog: Art Stalked

If you are a lucky artist, you have works that don’t live with you anymore. They have moved to places far and away, never to be seen again. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Most of the work I have sold over my lifetime is long gone and forgotten. However, there are a few pieces that stalk me.
The one that has stalked me the longest and hardest is “Air Wolf”. This painting has such a vibrant history. When I created this painting, I had just had my daughter. My “baby’s daddy” had just left. I had moved to a new studio apartment. Until that point, I had been doing 3-D sculptural paintings for years. I was lucky enough to be asked to do a work for a fundraising auction in support of Oakland University's Meadowbrook Gallery. I said “Oh YEAH!!” The idea was to give artists bed sheets and let them have at it. I remember this so vividly. I brought my sheet back to my studio, moved furniture and nailed that sucker to the wall. I then started painting. It was the first straight 2-D painting I had done in years. I remember when I finished it. I was so proud. I rolled it up and took it to the gallery.
At the opening, I got noticed. I had my daughter in a backpack. At that time, I weighed ALMOST 90 pounds. I wasn’t on a fitness binge back then. I was literally STARVING. Yet, I wanted to be an artist so bad, I gave my work away for free.
I think of this painting all the time. It is my ART STALKER! I always wonder what happened to it. If I knew, I would buy it back. I have no idea where I would hang it. I would figure that out later. It is just so meaningful to me. I think of the “Treasure Maps” I am working on now and realize: this was my first treasure map.
It is gone now. I can’t recreate it. It is a new time. The past is gone. Yet, there is still a common brushstroke.

Have you ever LONGED for one of your art works?
I have.
Sorry for the quality of this pic. All I have left is this faded newspaper clipping. I might have a homemade slide of the work in my huge tub of slides which I haven’t digitized yet. Regardless, this is the last available remnant of “Air Wolf”.

This newspaper quote makes me quiver. My daughter’s hand is in that painting. I just wonder if this work still exists. I wonder.

HA!!! After posting this entry, I looked at the photo of "Air Wolf" and noticed something in the painting. I looked just behind the woman's head and thought "There is one of those damn birds AGAIN!!" (See "Visual Vocabulary" post) LOL LOL LOL


This Brazen Teacher said...

Hey I really like your stuff! It's very vibrant and full of life. So glad you stumbled onto my blog, so that I might stumble onto yours. Ciao!


Sheree Rensel said...

Okey dokey!!! Glad you found me too! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sheree,

Yeah you looked so cute with that little blond baby, and your happy sideview. Wow I wonder if you did come up against that paintig... would it make you change anything today?

I sometimes ponder on my original affectionate middle finger painting I gave away to an unfortunate....

That's OK because I decided to make a large set of at least 8 out of it. One such piece is with a close friend. It frightens me to think that he paid so much money for that little 6x6; but the money I know went to help a good cause. At least in my fragmented mind that is....

Jess Mendez :)

Sheree Rensel said...
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Sheree Rensel said...

No. I wouldn't change a thing. Surprisingly, the work I did back then is very similar in some weird way to what I am doing now.
I really see how I have held certain ideas and images in my head for decades. Ironically, I noticed that the "AIR WOLF" piece had drawings relating to a child’s work. I wasn't even a "REGULAR" teacher back then. I taught at art centers and did workshops. I had a little kid give me drawing with this submarine type figure with the words "Air Wolf" above it. Thus, I decided to do this painting titled 'AIR WOLF". I think this is so funny. I have come full circle. Also, I think this is a great lesson for young artists. Even though you grow and change as you age, those rudimentary ideas stay with you. I know this for sure because I have lived it.