Sunday, July 27, 2008

Art Blog: Brick Walls

I have been thinking about the passing of Randy Pausch for the past 48 hours. Thoughts of his “Last Lecture” reminded me of what I already know, but don’t always remember. I included one of his quotes in my last post. This one is so important for me to keep in the front of my mind.

"Brick walls are there for a reason. They let us prove how badly we want things."

The entire quote is included in my last "Thank You" post.

I am so familiar with BRICK WALLS. In fact thankfully, I learned at a very young age to deal with challenges and obstacles. Yesterday, I thought about all the walls in my past. Childhood trauma, paying for college, raising a child on my own, economic issues, etc. Facing a brick wall isn’t fun. However, once you get around it, blow through it, climb over it, or dig a tunnel under it to get to the other side, the rewards are tremendous.
Another thing I realized yesterday is this has so much to do with my current life. When I was younger, brick walls seemed to block just about my every move. I became agile and adept at thinking of clever ways to maneuver my steps to get to the other side. For the past ten years or so, it has been smooth sailing. I haven’t had that many obstacles. I have been spoiled and gotten lazy. Consequently, my brick wall strategies are a bit dusty. So I need to think back on those harder times and remember how to fight my way to the other side. My current brick walls just have to go!
Here I have posted another installation I found while digitizing slides. This piece “Relationship #915” is the concrete symbol of one of the biggest brick walls of my life (relationships with men). After my daughter’s father left me. I had a newborn strapped to my back and wondered “Oh geesh, now what?” It took me a few years to get my footing, but I did. In fact by the time she turned 3 years old, I was experiencing the most productive art career ever. I made this piece when she was 4 years old as a reminder to myself, it is OK to have relationships with men as long as you are true to yourself. I have lived by that credo ever since.

“Relationship #915”, installation, by Sheree Rensel
This installation was placed in a dark corner of the Michigan Gallery. The only light on it and part of the installation was the work light hanging above it. It was such an eery, yet wonderful little treasure of a piece.

“Relationship #915”, lower detail

Notice that BIRD in the framed graphite drawing portion. There it is again! It just keeps popping up!

Obviously, this installation in it’s entirety doesn’t exist anymore. I know the chair was sold. However, I have absolutely no idea who has (or had) it. I miss it!

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