Friday, July 11, 2008

Art Blog: Do you believe in JEEZ-us?

I am back from my adventure away from “Sheree’s La La Land”. I realize it is so important to get out in the world to understand it. However, I am always amazed at what I find out there and feel a sense of relief when I get back to my art house.
So I went to the concert and had a blast. After the concert, I went back to the hotel and was sitting outside near the pool. A woman approached me and we exchanged pleasantries. She sat down next to me and said “Do you believe in JESUS?” I wasn’t surprised. I learned early in the day that half the hotel was being used by people attending a revival meeting at a local church. I smiled at her and said “Well, I believe there was a Jesus, but…” Before I could finish my thought, she let loose. She told me if I wasn’t born again and believed in Jesus the only God, I was going to HELL!!! Hmmmmm….I smiled again and tried to explain my spiritual viewpoint. She wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise. Finally, I got up, rolled my eyes, opened the hotel door and as I entered I turned and said “I believe in EVERYTHING!” I wasn’t upset. I just chocked it up to realizing this was just one facet of society.
The next day, I noticed the cowboys moving in. Apparently, there were equestrian competitions at the local fair grounds. I was on the elevator and on the way up, a man standing next to me said “Soooo….ere y’all a-hoarsen this weekend?” I had to turn around and look to see if there was anyone else in the elevator. I look like a lot of things but a cowgirl isn’t one of them. I just smiled again and said “NOPE!” This is another facet of society.
Today as I was packing up, I noticed a bunch of men with little workshop tables and tiny toolkits. They looked all too serious and straight laced. A while later, I passed by one of the conference rooms and saw the little workshop tables set up everywhere. The men were all scurrying from table to table conferring with each other like they were working on future plans for NASA. I took a step back and looked at the back of the door. It read “Clocks and Watches Association”. Huh??? LOL LOL LOL Oh, OK. These guys are the specialists who can fix old fashioned timepieces. Oh, OK, whatever. Society again.
All and all, my little vacation was a grand success. I learned a little about myself and about the world. I am happy I am home though. I am just wondering if I should keep worrying about that hell thing???

I have absolutely nothing against people with religious convictions. In fact, one very early ART memory was going to visit relatives in southern Illinois. Although I was raised Catholic, my father’s family were Pentecostal. I remember attending a very basic church with wooden chairs and everyone was waving brightly colored fans. With my young eyes, I watched those Jesus fans flicker and float. I was too young to understand what the images represented, but I can remember thinking “Those pictures are pretty!”


self taught artist said...

this is one of the BEST posts i've ever read. great writing....and just too funny. doesn't it seem like there are aliens already on earth?

Sheree Rensel said...

HA!!!! Isn't that the truth!! I am just wondering if they are the aliens or am I from a different planet? Nobody I met meant any harm. I was just amazed at how many different kinds of lives people live. To each his/her own. Hmmmmmm Yeah..
Glad you liked the post! I had fun writing it too!

Martha Marshall said...

Sheree, I have to agree this is the best post ever! I got the feeling you had gone through the looking glass there for a minute.

On that note . . . yesterday I had a brilliant idea but when I googled it, it was already out there! I thought how cool it would be to have a T-Shirt that read "The Christian Right is Neither." Well, turns out you can get those.

But I do remember those religious fans, as I grew up in the Bible Belt.

Sheree Rensel said...

I don't have a problem with Christians. I have a problem with people wanting to proselytize and tell me what I should think and believe. It just like all the other hot button issues. I would never go up to them and say "So if you don't believe gays should be allowed to marry you are going to HELL." or "If you don't allow women to do what they want with their own bodies you are going to HELL." This is why allowing people CHOICES is the best deal. My philosophy is the lady can go to her rivils, the cowboy can ride his horses, and the clockmakers can diddle with mechanical parts all night long. However, I want that same freedom of CHOICE.
I am jumping off my bandwagon now!

Kim Hambric said...

Every time a new crack opens, a new type of person crawls out. Gee, weren't you lucky to see so many different types of people? Some people aren't so lucky -- they only see people just like themselves.

Thanks for a great post!

Sheree Rensel said...

That is so true!! Lucky for me, there aren't many people just LIKE me!!! LOL LOL I know what you mean though. I kind of think that is what drew me to teaching severely emotionally disturbed kids. Back fifteen years ago, I saw myself in them. I am over that now.
Actually, I smile every time I think about my little vacation. It is good to see the variety of "spices of life"!

New Creation Productions said...

enjoyed your article, the hotel sounds like a train station, such a range of humanity passing through ! Sorry you had a bad experience with the born again lady..sometimes people talk more readily about hell than about love, sad to say. I'm a born-again Catholic (a Medjugorje story), we all find our way home.. Cheerio & God Bless You , Steve

joel ferraris said...

Hi Sheree,

Hello again!

It's an interesting topic you have here.

To preach the Gospels of Lord Jesus Christ is an expression of true and real love for neighbor.

My art rests on this strong foundation.

I have written lots of this here:

BTW, I had a recent art project and one still ongoing and involving the whole family: