Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Art Blog: Oh My Gosh!!!

My main computer spazzed out. Right now, I am using a circa 2001 iBook. It was such a cool little notebook back then. Now, it SUCKS!! Even though I have tried to update things today, it just keeps telling me this computer is a dinosaur. Nothing works. Even my serial numbers for my "Mac" upload software is so old, it doesn't recognize it. I did use a "trial" version of FETCH. It will only let me use it minimally. This is so awful.
I am a MAC girl. However, when my work switched to PC, I switched too. My new PC is great, but it is on the fritz. So while it is in the shop, I am using my Stegesauras iBook. I can do this for a week or two. I can. Really. YUCKO!!
Anyway, I spent my day preparing for another makeover. I had spoke about how I finally cut my hair. When I got it cut, I loved the fact that it was short. I HATED the style this girl created. So I went to another salon and had a redo.
This is the only photo FETCH would allow me to upload via the "try" software. I will upload more in a few weeks. All I can say is I love this so much more. There is no "bubble head". I don't have to curl anything. It is a wash and wear style. I got some texturizing gel so I can go crazy. That is much more appropriate. Wacky, oldish, artist. YEAH!!!! She did exactly what I asked her to do. I told her "I want it to look kind of like bed head, but I don't want to look homeless"!!
Ahhhhh, success!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
Thank you SO MUCH NIKITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Yes! Success and you look sooo cute Sheree! Okay, gotta watch the Tour De France on OLN. I am a cycling NUT as you can fathom....

See Thursday's blog when you can love ya mucho!!!!!

Sheree Rensel said...

Cycling nut?? OMG!! I am not a cyclist and would never pretend to be one. However, I do have a FANTASTIC CUSTOMIZED BIKE!!! Oh yeah!!! It is my BABY!! Check this out:

I love her so much!!