Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Art Blog: Perfect Timing!

This is so wonderful! I am so excited!!! The other day, I wrote about an artwork I yearned to see again. I not only missed the painting, but I just wanted to SEE it. The reason I wanted to visit the painting one more time was because as I thought of my new “Treasure Map” series, my mind kept drifting to that long lost “Air Wolf” image. The only problem was I had no photo of the piece and it was sold long ago. I only had a torn and tattered B & W newspaper clipping. I mentioned I might have a slide of it. However, I hadn’t started to digitize my slides. I have a tub of old slides that weighs more than twenty pounds!
I had planned on starting to digitize this year. In fact when I needed a scanner at school, I intentionally bought one that would scan slides. The problem is I never had time to sit and scan them at work. So when I mentioned “Air Wolf” the other day, I thought “It is time NOW!!” So I ordered a scanner for my studio.
I just scanned my first four slides. Oh my goodness!! What a great feeling. Now I see “Air Wolf” again!! The color is a tad off. The original is a bit more beige and creamy. It isn’t the slides fault though. I remember taking these slides on the fly without proper lighting. The yellow cast is caused by this poor technique. I did a bit of color correction with Photoshop. This is close enough. I am just so happy to see this painting again. Now, I have a better idea the flavor and direction I want to take my treasure maps. Whoopee!

The work was so large (60” X 80”) it is difficult to really get the feel of the work.

Here is one detail of the top area.

Lower left detail with "Mother-in-Law's Tongue"

At the upper right is the outline of my daughter's hands. Center is that BIRD I mentioned in the last post. I laughed when I saw it was holding a cockroach. That was a statement about my studio at the time! LOL

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miz katie said...

Fabulous! can't wait to see what happens next.