Monday, July 21, 2008

Art Blog: The RED Dot

I have had a weekend to chill out and try to make some kind of sense out of my art life. More importantly, I am trying to get my head to stop spinning. My last post was the culmination of many, many events in past months that have caused me to doubt and question what I do as an artist. For some reason, my footing has become unstable and I feel like I might fall at any minute. I don’t like this feeling. I want it to go away.

This weekend I decided to go out and try to refresh my outlook. I went to a huge, local art show. I thought if I immersed myself in art, I would regain my balance. Well. I didn’t. As I walked around, I noticed this is not my kind of art. I felt no connection or kinship whatsoever. I did notice money changing. The red dot ruled. I started asking myself, “Where are the crowds? What kind of art is creating the most interest?” I started taking notes. There were lots of fish / dolphin / seascapes. They seemed popular. There was no shortage of wildlife paintings. You know the kind. Some ferocious animal perched on a log framed by a plethora of forest trees. There was lots of generic photography. Cute puppies and kittens in all media. There was a little bit of abstract work but it was “decor” related. The technical quality of all the work was pretty good. It was just the content (or lack of) that made it so crappy and boring. I had to get out of there, fast!

I headed out to grab some lunch and to think more. The red dot. The red dot. The red dot. MORE head spinning!!! I couldn’t help but notice the majority of buyers were “decorating homes” and not “collecting art”. I suddenly remembered an article I read in a current magazine. It was written by one of those “FULL TIME ARTISTS” I have been reading so much about lately. He suggested "you can do it too!!" I read the article and it wasn’t bad. He made some great points. I looked at his bio at the end of the article and I couldn’t wait to see the kind of full time art he makes. I went to his web page. Boy oh, boy, he had it covered! I think he has painted every painterly cliché imaginable. Yes. There were clowns. Yes, there were puppies, Yes, it was all there. Well, well, well.......
I can do it too, huh?
There is nothing wrong with those artists who want to paint clichés. There is nothing wrong with intentionally creating paintings that match couches. That is their choice as an artist. I am very sure they will out sell me by big $$$$$$$!!!

I left lunch realizing I am not one of those kinds of artists. I could never be one of those kinds of artists. That is why it is extremely doubtful I will ever be a so called “FULL TIME ARTIST”. Enough said.
Just go paint Sheree!!!!

Why did I bother getting a B.F.A. and M.F.A.??
JUST THINK!! I could have saved myself a lot of anguish if I just would have followed the “How to Paint” books and listened to Bob Ross!!! Tee hee hee LOL LOL LOL

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akula said...

that reminds me. bob ross = amazing halloween costume!! haha!
hang in there!