Monday, July 7, 2008

Art Blog: WHY NOT?

I had spoken about a top secret project. It wasn’t a huge deal or anything. I just don’t like telling or showing what I am doing while it is in progress.

(I had a grand reminder of this a few days ago when I posted that “Treasure Maps” video. I should have never done that because now, I hate them, the way they look, and the idea in general. Arrrrggghhhh!!!)

OK, back to business here. I read a lot of blogs. One of the blogs I read is Mat Gleason’s Blog. He is the editor of Coagula Art Journal. Last month, he put out a call for artists to make art out of 2 dollar bills. As soon as I saw that, I wanted to do it. So I did.
Mat put an announcement up for the ”$2 Show” at
in Los Angeles, California.
Here is my entry. My idea was twofold. I made a comment about the recent “Economic Stimulation” tax rebate and our country’s overzealous consumerism. Also, I thought about a way to ease our national debt. We should sell advertising space on our currency! WHY NOT?? Can you imagine how many big bucks we could make for our federal piggy bank? HOLY MACARONI!!! We could finance all kinds of stuff (More wars?? More rebates??) with all that moolah!! Our county would be economically free and clear in no time! Also, our national credit rating would shoot through the roof!!! LOL LOL
Just another SHEREE THOUGHT!~

"2 Dollar Bill Redesign" by Sheree Rensel
Click either bill to enlarge! Tee HEE HEE


self taught artist said...

love the designs sheree

miz katie said...

wow! that is one heck of an idea!! and that's the best 2 dollar bill I've ever seen. i think you're onto something here.

Sheree Rensel said...

Thanks Paula!!
~~~~~~~~Sheree Waves~~~~~~~

Sheree Rensel said...

Well Katie, Maybe I should call "George" and propose this idea! I am sure he would like it. He seems to like spending oodles of our money. I am sure he would welcome an idea that would sweeten the pot!!
On second thought, I better not. If he saw this, I might get arrested for messin up one of his two dollar bills! YIKES!!

miz katie said...

oh, dear! you're probably right. it is illegal, ain't it? :D

Sheree Rensel said...

Katie, Well yeah! You aren't supposed to mess with currency. However if they come for me, they will have to come for the other 94 artists in the show. Gee......Can you imagine the great press we would get???? Shoooottttt. Never gonna happen. LOL LOL

Beverly Kaye Gallery said...

Very cool use of dough!
My artist friend Anne Grgych also is putting together a show of $2 bills/art. I saved 100 of them for my kids when they were small, maybe it's time to pass them out!