Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Art Blog: Art SUCKS!

Yes, you know you have all thought this at one time or another. I equate these feelings with many other things in my life. You focus to the point you can’t see any more. No matter how hard you try to see the truth, you become dizzy. You think it might be making you sick. Then, you succumb and surrender. This is the way I feel right now. I mean, “Why not?” I have a shitload of history. I have a house full of art. I have plans, goals, and yadda yadda yadda up the ass and I am going nowhere fast. Yep. No place. No how. No nothing.
OK. So I am being a little dramatic. Yes. This is my specialty. However, you know in your heart of hearts you have felt the same thing. Haven’t you? Despite it all, we keep moving. We keep making. We keep creating. I just wonder why sometimes.
There are moments when we feel like “Yeah. OK…I can do this. Yeah, I am on the right track.” You do the work. You create. You send it off. You wait. NOTHING.
For instance, this is the way I feel about the $2 Dollar show I recently entered. I didn’t even get an email that said “We got your entry.” NOTHING. No mention. No feedback. No No No No nothing. I am not even sure they put my entry in the show! Like I said. “ART SUCKS!” At least, I feel this right at this moment.

In no way am I promoting this book! NO NO NO. In fact, I am only using the image to bring my point home. In fact, it was a total coincidence. I started my post with the idea “ART SUCKS”. I looked on Google to find an appropriate image. Lo and Behold, this came up. It was such a perfect fit considering, I sent work to Mat Gleason’s $2 Dollar show in LA. I never got any kind of response. Supposedly, he is an art critic for the people. I have always thought he was there for the little guy. Well, I guess I am too little! I was never mentioned or even acknowledged. Life goes on. Right Mat? All this art stuff is surreal. Some might think, “Oh, don’t say anything!” Nope. Mat should respect this. I am just as much of a loud mouth as he is and I have much less to lose! We are all struggling to be seen and heard. It seems like a game. At this point, I just wonder what happened to my 2 dollar bill? Hmmmmmmmmmm..


self taught artist said...

that sounds maddening sheree
i'd be pissed too.

and i dont know why we keep doing it even when there are so many times that the brick wall hits and smashes our heads and faces.

Gayle said...

That does suck! I guess that's one reason I haven't gotten up the nerve to enter shows. You have to pay to enter and, double insult, be rejected. I'm also going through the same torment as you and wondering about my sanity in doing so. BTW, I loved your $2 entry--it was very original and apropos. I can't imagine it wouldn't have been selected (unless corporate sponsors, if any, balked.)

Sheree Rensel said...

We keep doing it because it is in our blood (or we are insane.) I haven't figured out which one yet. LOL LOL

Sheree Rensel said...

Yeah, it sucks, but read my next blog entry. I guess we take it or leave it. In regards to the $2 show. I am pretty sure my entry was in the show. I don't know at the moment because I have never been given the courtesy of a returned email or any kind of confirmation. That is less an ART thing and more a human disrespect thing. You know?
So it goes.......