Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ART Blog: Crying like a Baby!

You would think I was a young girl. I am crying over the loss of a musician. Oh yeah. I have lived through the days of seeing Ozzy Osbourne in the early 70’s! Yes, I am THAT old. I have had my music fascinations. Oh, there was Hendrix, Joplin, Motown, The Stones, Rod Stewart, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, The Pretenders, Neil Young, and of course, Joni Mitchell. NONE of them rival my fascination with the Dave Matthews Band. I am just about a DMB groupie. No matter what happens in life, I will be at their concert regardless of cost. I have loved them so much for years.
Today, I heard such sad, sad news. My “Leroi” died. Leroi Moore was the sax player for DMB. He had been in an accident this summer. I went to the Tampa concert in July. He wasn’t there. You could tell. It just wasn’t the same. I wasn’t worried. I figured he would mend and everything would be back to normal.
Well, he didn’t mend. He died today. DMB will never be the same. I am so, so sad. I am sitting here crying like a baby because he was an artist. His work had such an effect on me. He was an integral part of the band. He was so young. He was only 46 years old.
This is just one reminder that nothing stays the same. No matter how much we want time to stop; it doesn’t. I just want to whisper to Leroi as he makes his way to heaven. “I want you to play your sax up there. I will be there eventually. I will be in the front row. When I see you, I will wave.”

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